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TWD App crash after purchase multi pack [?]

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Hi all :)

I was wondering if this issue has been already mentioned or adressed before on this forum:

First TWD runs like a charm on the iPhone 5, smooth, nice graphics, no lags, just plain ol' fun, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by the game that I've decided to jump the gun and spend my money on the next 5 episodes. I was pretty excited and looked forward to play the other chapters. :cool:

However when I've made the purchase of the multi pack for 1300 Yen (which is about $15 USD) - TWD Unfortunately :eek: crashes each time I started the game, the game would not even start. I have tried to reinstall, turn the phone on and off, and soft reset but helas no positive results. So in a way it was quite an anti-climax, as you might could imagine. :(

Here are some tech specs:

I've DL the game through:

Wifi network 300 mbit
ISP: 120 mbit

And installed on:

iPhone 5
iOS 6.0.2
Non Jailbroken

However, the interesting part was when I tested on the iPod touch 4th gen. - running iOS 5.0.1 Jailbroken - TWD runs without any hickups, TWD starts and I'm able to DL all the chapters. So in a way I'm totally clueless now what the bug might be? iOS incompatibility? Or DL bug? Purchase Bug?

Any suggestions or solutions so far? Or any bug fixes coming soon?

Do you experience similar problems? :confused:

- When you are unhappy with the purchase you can always contact apple store support for a refund.

> Goto your apple account in iTunes.
> My account
> Purchase receipts
> click on "report a problem"

Then when you explain your situation here, most likely apple support will refund your purchase no questions asked (here in Japan).

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