TWD: Episode 4 Keeps Freezing on PS3

I just got this game for Christmas (the actual disc, not the downloads) and episode 4 keeps freezing in the same spot and I can't get past it. Can anyone help me? I really want to keep playing my game :(


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    I just made an account on these forums to post on the Walking Dead PS3 Disc Version lag problem. I just read on that TellTale is giving out XBL codes for people who purchased the disc based version. I thought maybe I was the only one experiencing the problems with lag and loading but when I saw that article I figured I wasn't. I mean after all this game has been getting SO MUCH praise and I couldnt wait to play it. I know it has to be able to load multiple scenarios at once but a GOTY contender CANNOT be as laggy as mine is. I am loving the game so far but episodes 2&3 especially are PLAGUED with SLOW LOADS and LAG. Its virtually unplayable and I am stopping until something is fixed or TellTale gives me a PSN code. Will that even fix it? This game is amazing and intense so far and I am loving it but the problems, unless fixed, have made me regret buying it.
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