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What was your most intense reaction?

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Like the title says, what was your most extreme reaction while playing this game? Maybe you sobbed uncontrollably at the end, or yelled at the top of your voice at the screen, or punched a hole through your monitor in frustation. Whatever it was, let me know :D!

I had two: in Episode 4, when Ben was asking me to drop him, I was yelling at my screen "NO, NO, NO QUIERO!", which is Spanish for "NO, NO, I DON'T WANT TO!" (yes, this game made me switch languages mid-playthrough :eek:). Then, in Episode 5, when Kenny and Ben died, I was on the verge of tears and shaking. It got so bad that I started feeling cold and had to pause the game and grab a sweater.

So what was YOUR story :p?
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  • Carely's death. It was so sudden and to one of my favorite characters so i was genuinely shaken up for more than a day, First time a video games got a reaction anywhere near that from me.

    Lee's bite and His and Kenny's deaths were also huge moments to more of my favorites, but a combination of seeing some of it coming and being battled-hardened by the events of episode 3, dulled my reaction a little.
  • Carley's death. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen when I saw Lilly start to reach for her gun during the cutscene. I left that girl standing in the road for what she did.

    Dropping Ben. It was the first time my Lee went against his morality for the better of the group. But hearing that Ben survived that fall was cringe-worthy.

    When Lee passed out in the zombie horde with Clem and wakes up, the second I saw how pale his skin was and the yellow in his eyes. It was definitely a mixture of blood loss and liver failure.
  • In episode 2:
    Trying to revive Larry: KENNY NOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT THE HELL! -followed by gagging because of the smashed head-
    Seeing the bloody room: wait they're not.... THEY'RE FREAKING CANNIBALS I KNEW IT ewww... xD

    In episode 3, Katjaa's death: speechless, just in complete shock :O

    In episode 4:
    Dies from jumping across the roof: -facepalm- god DAMMIT.
    Lee getting bit: NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO! maybe .. maybe it's just a scratch ... yeah it's a scratch >.> -denial mode activated-

    In episode 5:
    Vernon stealing the boat(Kenny stayed): BUT THEY'RE OLD PEOPLE WTF KENNY.
    Ben and Kenny dying: why... why didn't you just shoot him and come with me... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -sobs-
    Lee getting shot by clem: -crying my eyes out, my brother laughing at me- I'll miss you Clem .... BANG.. *cried for 30 mins. and depressed all week*
  • When Doug got shot and Lee got bitten.
  • Well, there was massive rage the one time I lost all my saves, which was right when Episode 5 was released. So the day Episode 5 came out I had to replay every single Episode. I made all my choices exactly the same, had all my good times with my bro Kenny...and then he jumped down to save Christa. I thought Kenny would live through the season, so as soon as he gave Lee that long, sad look, I was like "Goddamnit, NO!" I came to terms with Lee's death after Episode 4, and had braced myself for seeing Clem shoot him, but Kenny's death hit me harder simply because it was so unexpected. I was sobbing uncontrollably by the time he was saying "I'll...I'll be..."
  • DreadMagus;753198 said:
    Lilly shooting Carley in the face: mouth drops open and play the rest of the episode in a state of wtf.
    Ditto. Didn't see that coming and was pissed. Was thinking Lee and Carley would make a good team and survive.
  • The attached file shows the worst part of the game. :(
  • The scene where Lilly shot Carley was very shocking, because I didn't see that coming. Another scene is where Lee gets bitten. I then knew that Lee won't survive the season and I totally felt sorry for him and Clementine. Finding Mark was one of the most frightening moments, too.
  • Choosing between Carley and Doug

    -Mah gawd, who will i choose... ITS SO HARD

    Episode 2

    Seeing Mark for first time

    Wow... We met this guy? Awesome

    Seeing Mark die


    Seeing Zombie Mark eating Brenda

    -Hahah, karma you bitch.

    Seeing Carley get killed by Lily

    Ok, so they are fi-

    *silence for 2 minutes*


    Larry crying for Duck and Katjaa

    Omg... No... Plz men dont cry *cries a little bit*

    Choosing fate of Ben

    No man, you are coming with me

    Lee getting bitten


    Cutting Lee's arm

    Ok, it will be not so- OOOOH MYYY GOD THATS



    Kenny and Ben's death

    Oh men, they died... Oh god *pause game*



    Finding Clementine

    Omg clementine, you are here! ^-^, let me kill this guy and ok ^-^

    Lee getting shot by Clementine

    *crying* Clem, you can do it, you can...


    Soo... This is the end... *cries*

    And in the Credits, i made a montage of all the greatest moments of the game

    Goodbye Lee.

    *closes game*.
  • Episode 1: Choosing between Doug and Carley (I chose Doug, sorry Carley.)
    Episode 2: Finding the blood and gore at the back of the barn in the St. John's farm.
    Episode 3: The argument in the RV and outside. I honestly didn't think Doug and Carley's death was intense. If it was we would of expected them to die at that moment.
    Episode 4: Finding out that there were no boats, Lee getting bitten
    Episode 5: Ben and Kenny's death. Or just Kenny's alone. Both are intense.
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