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People who chose/like Carley apparently are shallow, uneducated, for boobs, boners...

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I can't believe that there's people who think that those who chose her over Doug was because of those idiotic excuses, maybe for a few players that's may be true but definitely not the majority.

Carley saved lives countless times, helped out a lot, shot the walkers, spoke the truth, stood up against Lilly and when Doug was near to that brick on the pharmacy's gate, what did he do with it? Nothing, Lee had to open the gate to get it himself.

TellTale's maybe did this on purpose to make Carley the more likeable character of the two, but there's no reason to be insulting the ones who chose to save her over Doug.

*sigh* just stop this nonsense of calling people uneducated, shallow, only picked her for boobs, get laid, for boner. Just shut the fuck up about those lies or keep them to yourself.
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  • she had a gun and could handle it (quite good) - he couldn't, she's hot, he's not.
    that was everything i had time to think for, i didn't "cheat" and press the XboX button to think about it, i did it as telltale wanted me to, with little time. It was no decision to me, but instinct in some way, I also thought she'd reload the gun then maybe save Doug.
  • If we're talking the very first time, I chose Carley pretty much purely because she had a gun. I had very little time, and didn't know either character well enough.

    Even now having seen how they both play out. Id still chose Carley just because i liked her more personally. (not that i hated Doug). The sort of "sexy action girl" characters have just tended to irritate me in other games so that's not the reason i liked her at all. She was trustworthy, friendly and helpful.
  • Doug saved Carley's life before the motel. They both had crushes on one another and it's sad 1 of them has to die in the 1st episode. I would have liked to see there relationship play out.
  • Now I just feel odd. My first time in that situation, I chose to save Doug. Why? Well, because Carley had more screen time. I know that's a reason people give for saving her, but let me explain.

    I know more about Carley. I know she's capable of using a gun. I know she's assertive. Now, when it came time to choose, I saw her facing a single walker with one hand around her ankle and she positioned herself just out of reach of her ammo (bad move). Doug was being pulled from behind by several walkers, had no weapon, and was pinned.

    From what I knew about Carley, she should have been able to get herself out of that situation. Just yank your leg through the walker's thumb joint (easiest way to break a grapple), and get your ammo. Heck, if she just stood next to her purse, where she knew her ammo was in the first place, she wouldn't even need my help. Doug was in serious trouble, so I chose to help him. I felt bad afterwards because Carley was more likeable at that point. She did save/assist me on many occasions in the span of a couple hours (in-game time, not play time). Doug was nice and all, but all he did was turn on some TVs across the street.

    Now... All my subsequent play throughs, I have always picked Carley. She actually makes the game easier. In episode 3, she kills two bandits after Lilly snipes the leader, as opposed to Doug's one kill. She then proceeds to clear one side of the RV when the walkers start advancing. Doug just tells you which side is in more danger (but you need to clear both by yourself). That scene took me several tries when I had Doug with me. Partly because I was still getting used to how the action scenes work, but still... Having half of it done for me is always better than "left bell! right bell!". Plus, Carley allows me to reveal my past, which in turn makes Lilly seem more of a fool when it comes time to decide her fate (don't like Lilly at all, so it's more satisfying to know I have her trump card beat in advance).

    So... yeah. There are plenty of non-shallow reasons to save Carley.
  • Doug did try to shield a window with his body however...
  • Carley cause she is a woman, simple is that.
  • Shrewsbury Survivor;759720 said:
    Doug did try to shield a window with his body however...
    Lee : Stay away from the windows!!!

    Doug: That window is screwed



    * Doug is seen being grabbed by a zombie infested window *
  • Out of curiosity, if you save Doug over Carley, does the "stranger" tell you off for it, like he does if you save Carley ("You save the girl with the gun")?
  • FireflyCube;759886 said:
    Out of curiosity, if you save Doug over Carley, does the "stranger" tell you off for it, like he does if you save Carley ("You save the girl with the gun")?
    He says you let a woman die in order to hide your secret. Typically he only mentions Doug or Carley if you haven't really done anything all that bad.
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