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"Your account doesnt have a license for this game"

posted by FoneBoneJam on - last edited - Viewed by 200 users
After playing the first two episodes i waited for the others to come out and now that i have i cant even log get into the game and get an error message saying my account doesnt have the license image
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  • If you do a search you'll find other threads with similar problems. I had the same problem at first, the ONLY solution that worked for me was to change my internet connection from my home wi-fi network/broadband, to tethering from my smart phones 3G connection.

    I have no idea what it is about my home broadband connection that the game (direct Telltale PC version) doesn't like, as I've never had any problems with anything else. But when using my smart phones 3G, the game starts up every time.

    And despite what a Telltale moderator has stated in another thread, I can never get the game started while offline.
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