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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • My posting, attempted twice in the past couple of weeks, has never appeared. Am I being blocked by moderators? It contained no profanity and nothing harsh -- just an explanation of the impact of this bug on my and my wife's experience. Xbox 360.
  • Ruined the game for me.... I have had to play through half of ep2 twice, half of ep3 twice and now it has lost save for ep4 for the 3rd time. Arrrghhhhh. So annoyed I had to sign up to come and complain.. I will now only play when I have enough time to complete whole episode. :-(

    This is on xbox..... I made sure I exit to main menu then exit game as I read here somewhere and that doesn't work..... Glad it was only 800 points....... I can see why now.....

    Shame as it's ruined one of the top games of the year and I will not be buying any future series..

    Please at least respond to your customers and fan base.
  • trotter75;759681 said:
    Please at least respond to your customers and fan base.
    fat chance...
  • At first I thought I accidentally overwrote my save, so I restarted from ep 1. Then it happened again twice in ep 4 where luckily I just had to restart ep 4. Plan to just play through an entire episode in one sitting when I have the time rather than relying on saving. Recently I saved mid-way through ep 4, then exited to the 360 dashboard and then went back to the game and it loaded correctly. Then the next day I went to play, and had to restart ep. 4. Really annoying. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  • I purchased the game after hearing how amazing it was. I mean, it's won over 60 GOTY awards, so that definitely piqued my interest. I downloaded the game on 360 and everything was fine until I got to episode 2. I went to start up episode 2 and instead it played the ending of episode 1 for me. I restarted and it worked fine - chalked it up to being a minor annoyance.

    Then, everything went downhill when I got to episode 3, saved the game when I was in the train, went back, and everything was sent back to episode 1. I started episode 3 again, and it seemed to have kept all of my choices from the previous episodes, but I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate now.

    Anyway, I reluctantly played again, got all the way up to the train, saved, went back, episode 1.

    Telltale, you guys really had me with Back to the Future. I loved that game. But this...this is inexcusable BS. For a game touted as being the best of the year, you'd think some time and energy would have gone into the QA and testing process. I mean, this isn't as minor as a character clipping into a building, or hell, a choice that never shows up. THIS IS A GIGANTIC CRITICAL GAME BLOCKER THAT DETERMINES IF I WILL EVER PLAY IT AGAIN.

    I'm not playing the game again until this issue is fixed. I'm really not sure what I should do now with the entire thing...start over from episode 1 just to make sure my choices stayed in tact? I don't know about that. If that's the case, I might ask for a refund on the product and stay away from TTG for a little while.

    Was once a big, not so sure.
  • Wow, almost half of the poll goes to 'ruined the game for me'. That's fucked up.
    Even though I had major issues as well and had some moments where I felt I had flushed my money down the toilet, in the end the game fixed 'itself' (with some patching from TTG ofcourse). So yeah, it WASN'T a minor inconvenience but not game ruining either, so somewhere in between I guess.
    I think I'm the only one who is sympathetic to TTG and what they're going through. Even though they've won a shit load of awards, their reputation is going down the drain because of all the people with major issues. The frustration must be big; how do you find bugs that seem to randomly appear with some users and not with others?
  • I haven't experienced the save glitch-thank god-and I am now playing through a second time. Since I've already experienced the game once I don't think I would be too mad if it glitched it out, because I love the game and wouldn't care too much about have to restart. I feel bad for those that have experienced this problem, for my first playthrough I never closed out the game for fear it would happen to me.
  • It's really bothersome to see that 271 have voted on this issue and 199 of them have been effected by the save glitch problem. It still surprises me that between the corrupted data issue and the very poor episode 5, that this game won so many awards.
  • Wow, I loved episode 5, in fact, it was my favorite one :P
  • Well, all in all it did ruin it for me to a point. Episode 2 was reversed and when I finished 3 it was all erased months ago. I wasn't going to play through the first two episodes again....I wanted MY original story.

    Yesterday I got over the loss and started up episode 4, completed and enjoyed it and luckily all choices from 4 were saved to 5. However a bug hit me in 5 that caused a lot of stuttering when they were talking, mainly when everyone is in the attic. I do love this game and I do look forward to a second season but fixing the save issue needs to be top priority.
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