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Having Trouble With Walking Dead [psst... Playing Dead 9 out now!]

posted by DVoltron on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users
I'm having a tough time reminiscing about HOW AWESOME this game is, without watching playing dead episode 9. Does anyone have an ETA on that?

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  • I've been waiting for this for so long!
    I wuv you puzzle :D
  • Wow - I knew if I posted this - the video would come out! I'm so awesome like that /truman show

    PS - Thanks Puzzle!!!
  • Danno123;760219 said:
    Well, everything in the game and the stories are personal. Even Kirkman isn't 100% right on everything in the world, like with Clem, he did it to toughen her up, but I didn't do it because she didn't need the pain.
    Maybe she did. I did not do it either. But I think she did.
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