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Who should season 2 playable character be?

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Simple question
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  • New character, with Clementine as a group member.
  • While I want to play as Christa, a new character would be welcomed.
  • I'd either like to See Omid & Christa as either playable characters, or group members.

    We didn't get to learn too much about them, so it's be nice to get to know them a little more.
  • New character, that will hook up with Clem and Omid&Christa, or at least will learn what may have happened to them.
  • New character, that meets up with clem along the way.
  • Omid omid omid omid
  • Yay, another "Lee&Clem" story, just with a new guy! Season 1 with different script and voice actors.
    So basically, I want something NEW and ORIGINAL
  • Clem, Omid, or a new character all sound good to me.

    Telltale sure has their work cut out for them if they intend to endear us to a whole new set of characters without bringing back some of the old ones.
  • I'd like to be a new character. And preferably female. I think it would be interesting to see this world from that point of view - it would change how people react on you, and etc.
  • A newbie.

    Omid, Christa and Clem all have established personalities. It would be weird to see Omid suddenly become a brutal, uncaring psychopath due to player choices. It would be weird to see Christa suddenly recruiting people to join a group after she was set on pairing up with Omid and heading out to the countryside.

    Clem... could work. She has been learning from Lee the whole time, so it's not a stretch to say she picked up on his decision making skills and reasoning. I still think she'd be better off as group member.

    A newbie would easily allow the players to project themselves into the game, much like they did with Lee.
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