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Telltale Games Should Give Up KQ License

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If Telltale Games does not announce any definitive KQ plans in the next five months, then they should give up the KQ license and let another development team (who actually respects the KQ series and KQ fans) bring the series back to life in a proper way and in grand fashion, the way the series deserves. Dave Grossman has been dismissive of KQ, and it has been a long time since we have heard anything from Telltale about KQ.

It is a slap in the face to fans of classic adventure gaming for Telltale to essentially sit on the KQ rights and prevent any new KQ game from being made, while they pretend like TTG is doing adventure gaming a favor by having acquired the license in the first place.

I think most of us realize that Telltale Games was never the right developer for a new King's Quest, anyway. Telltale is great when it comes to nonchallenging, somewhat formulaic, episodic games with limited virtual exploration. They seem to have settled on a strategy of acquiring licenses for well-known brands, and then releasing games that attract more attention because of the movie/book/comic brand than they do for the actual original merits of the game. And more power to them.

Many of us were willing to give Telltale the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough. If, in 5 months, Telltale hasn't announced anything definitive about KQ, then they need to do the right thing and relinquish the license so someone else can bring back the series the right way.
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  • Actually Activision owns the license, and theoretically they could lend that license to any number of development houses at the same time if they felt they could make a profit out of it.

    I highly doubt that Telltale has an "exclusive" clause in contract, preventing others from making games in the series. So all complaints of "sitting" on the license should probably be taken up with Activision.
  • How much time was Telltale given to do something with the series? This cannot go on forever. If Telltale announces no concrete design plans in the next five months, then I say that they should, in the interest of the series and adventure gaming, officially give up the right to make KQ games. Do you think Activision would allow another developer to create a King's Quest game, at the same time that Telltale had the okay to do the same thing? Seems unlikely to me.


    We demand to hear from Telltale whether KQ is currently in production. Does Telltale still plan on releasing KQ games?
  • Why is it unlikely? Please explain.
  • I think more than likely Activision can withdraw a license if needs be, so they don't have to wait around for a development house to "kindly" return it.

    I somehow seriously doubt that that Activision had to beg Silicon Knights to give up the KQ license when it went nowhere with them.

    The challenge that Activision faces is they probably are looking for established successful proven money-making businesses to produce games. Perhaps not every developer out there has much interest in the IP. That is to say they may not see much success in the IP to risk making a game with it.

    To use an example the developer of Arx Fatalis, Arkane Studios, wanted to make Ultima: Underworld sequel (3 I think it was). But the owners of Ultima didn't think it was viable. So the developers took their idea and made Arx Fatalis instead. It was more or less a flop apparently. They did decide to go and make an Arx Fatalis too though, but couldn't find someone to produce it. Ubisoft wanted them to make a Might and Magic game though, so they turned their ideas for Arx Fatalis 2 into Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

    So ya worst case scenario KQ License could go to anther company and then be forced to turn into a completely different IP! Because Activision decides it might be more "successful", that way.

    Perhaps there is a "curse" such that in the past, each professional corporation that had attempted to revive KQ have had to cancel those attempts perhaps even before they began!

    KQ8 the last of the original series, was nearly cancelled itself in early development.
  • Personally, I'm counting down the days til the cancellation announcement.
  • Actually you mean "counting up" seeing as a count down means we know exactly when it ends. You start with a starting number of days, and work towards zero hour! A larger number is 'counted down' until it becomes 'zero'.

    In this case we neither know if and when there will be a 'cancelation'. So you must count up to keep a running tab of the amount of days between when you started counting, and they choose to say something, ;). In this case one would would start counting up from 'one', and reaching a much larger number by the end of the counting! What is your total number of days so far?
  • Why is it unlikely? Please explain.

    I have no idea and am trying to get some answers myself. Maybe Activison could feel that having multiple developers working on KQ titles could be confusing for customers and bad for the brand. Maybe there are concerns about differences in product quality level or style between different designers.

    It would be good news for KQ fans if Telltale Games, who are more interactive movie makers than "adventure game" developers, announced the cancellation of their KQ plans.
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    I just came here to say I do not demand answer from telltale. I demand frosted cookies.
  • Why have these forums been so negative lately? :rolleyes:

    1. Telltale doesn't own the King's Quest license, Activision does. Telltale is making a new King's Quest game under license from Activision, much like how they made Tales of Monkey Island under license from LucasArts. Telltale isn't going to give up the rights to King's Quest, because it's not theirs to give up in the first place.

    2. Admittedly, Telltale's always been bad when it comes to giving information about games in advance. (This is something they need to work on, especially now that they're entering the mainstream and attracting...less patient fans.) However, this doesn't mean the project's been abandoned. They're just not ready to reveal anything about it yet, especially since KQ isn't their next game. I would wait until Fables is over (speaking of which, where's the Fables info? :p ) before expecting anything about King's Quest. In the meantime, patience.

    3. Telltale isn't sitting on King's Quest, preventing anything from happening with the series. If you haven't noticed yet, KQ has been in limbo since 1998, before Telltale even existed. If Telltale really did give up on this new game like you want, you know what'd probably happen? Activision, the guys who have actually been sitting on the series, would continue sitting on it because they can make more money with Call of Duty: Modern Zombie Ops 12. It's really kind of amazing Activision has bothered allowing a new King's Quest game at all, so I'd be thankful.

    4. As for whether Telltale's qualified to make a King's Quest game...that's a debate I think it's best I don't get into. But look at it this way. If the game turns out to be good, then awesome! A long-forgotten series gets to return to its former glory, and bring tons of new fans with it. If the game ends up being shit, the old games will still be there. Maybe even a few newcomers will play the old games to get a better idea of what kind of series the new game ruined (hey, it's been working out for Devil May Cry ;) ). Basically, unless Telltale makes a REALLY fucked-up decision, like, say, make the game star Cedric, King's Quest is guaranteed to be treated better with this new game than it's been treated for the past 15 years.
  • Why have these forums been so negative lately? :rolleyes:
    This project sounds strange even for Telltale's secretive strategy.
    Look here:
    February the 18th, 2011.
    That's weird: of all the projects they announced back then (including Fables), King's Quest never got its official press release. And no, they've not cancelled the announcement :p, because there's no press release among the WayBack Machine archived pages, either. :confused:
    Sussssssssspence... :D
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