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TWD: Stuttering/lag (Disc version)

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I bought all the episodes off psn but i wanted a disc version too share with friends. I tried playing through episode 1 off disc and encountered some rather off putting lag, and in some cases i would miss opportunities speak. I missed one speaking prompt and now clementine thinks i think shes dumb, which frankly broke my heart. In a game that hinges such prompts and quick input such lag can be a killer. I get some issues slip through the cracks but theres gotta be some solution to this right?
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  • Same here why would a buy a season 2 if i can't even finish season one come ppl get your act together, or at least give us a press release that youre working on it.
  • I just made an account on these forums to post on this topic. I just read on that TellTale is giving out XBL codes for people who purchased the disc based version. I thought maybe I was the only one experiencing the problems with lag and loading but when I saw that article I figured I wasn't. I mean after all this game has been getting SO MUCH praise and I couldnt wait to play it. I know it has to be able to load multiple scenarios at once but a GOTY contender CANNOT be as laggy as mine is. I am loving the game so far but episodes 2&3 especially are PLAGUED with SLOW LOADS and LAG. Its virtually unplayable and I am stopping until something is fixed or TellTale gives me a PSN code. Will that even fix it? This game is amazing and intense so far and I am loving it but the problems, unless fixed, have made me regret buying it.
  • TellTale giving Xbox owners a solution to Walking Dead Disc Lag?!?

    What about us PS3 users?!?
  • Indeed what about us ps3 owners.

    how come i been here for 10 days and i cant even contact a spoke person. Who run this? Customer services are hands down one of the worst ive seen.

    i need my game fixed, a replament or a refund please
  • I'm starting to wonder if this game was even tested on a PS3 before they put it into production or was the before Christmas release more important than potentially selling a pile of junk. Thank god I rented this from red box with a free promo code. I'm sure red box will have to deal with this mess as well. Hopefully red box pulls it and somehow creates a mess for telltale to teach these people not to hire amateur design developers and then use their customers for user acceptance testing. What a joke. The little consumer may not be able to fight back, but a big corporation like red box will surely be able to stick it to you guys real good. And answer your customers on this post for crying out loud, have some integrity when you fudge up. Telltale signs of mediocrity...
  • Same thing for me.
    here's my experience. I hope it can help to patch the game quickly.

    - I played psn version of episode 1: no problem
    - i bought the disc version, keep the save file from the psn episode 1, delete the episode 1 psn game
    - then i played episode 2 disc version. lots of lags, sounds & videos..
    not very playable.

    ps3 slim 300 gb
    160 gb free!
    sytem version 4.31

    also I'm worried to see you don't post a message to keep people informed.
    I don't play the game for now..I wait to know about a patch or at least a free psn correct version to continue the experience.
    so please keep us, your customers informed as soon as possible.
  • So I just signed up here to join the ranks of the others who bought the retail disc for ps3 and now cannot get through the end of episode 1 and most of episode 2 due to horrific lag issues.

    PS3 Slim / 120gb (only 20 gb used) / unmodded / all console updates completed
    No save file issue in the first 2 episodes for me but the same freezing and lag others here are describing. I had to stop playing as it was freezing everything on screen for a good while and eventually catching up but then not giving enough time to select my choices. I have not played further than midway through chapter 2 due to this issue so i do not have feedback for those yet.

    Please let us know what we can do to address this issue as i very much would like to play this game i spent money on. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.
  • Same problem here,
    Slim - 320gb
    everything updated

    Random stuttering....

    Waiting for a fix to continue playing, finished just the first act, missed some conversations because of the random "lag bug"
  • Yes, I got the disc version, yes the lag at the end of Ep. 1 was terrible and the start of ep. 2 was not much better. And there was still lag throughout the game, as with the end of Ep. 3 HOWEVER (and maybe this is just me being wishful and projecting) I did manage to remedy the lag a bit. It certainly wasn't as bad as it was before I did it, so it's something.

    There is a setting in the PS3 when you hold down the power button a few times that will eventually send you to a menu where you can "ps3 restore database". NOT "restore PS3" because that will wipe out everything. But "restore database" takes out any corrupted files and, yes, the game does play better. There's still lag, but better. At least for me. And I have an old, old 80 gig model.

    Here, this guy explains it better than me. Remember "ps3 restore database". Doesn't wipe your PS3, makes it better.

    For those that don't know, the PS3 has an operating system capable of restoring damage to the hard drive's file system/database - these can get damaged when the PS3 is shut off completely (pulled the plug while playing/power outage), when a game crashes (RDR, Skyrim, GT5, PSHome, etc), or when the system hangs when trying to do something and you soft reset. (stuck in the PS3's underwhelming web browser, etc). In addition, if you install and delete many games, applications (Netflix, Hulu, PlayMemories, Qriocity, etc), even videos and music this can also fragment your hard drive, thus slowing down your system.

    By restoring, you can get your hard drive to start loading and playing games more smoothly, which results in less freezing, faster data retrieval (think defragging), and can also speed up the time it takes to sync trophies (yeah, if it's taking you more than 2 minutes to sync trophies your HDD is in need of this maintenance).

    What to do:

    1.) Turn off PS3 so the red light is on.

    2.) Hold and keep holding the power button. The console will turn on, and eventually turn off again.

    3.) Once off, with the red light on again, press and hold the power button. You will hear one beep, another single beep after that, and then two beeps in a row. After the two beeps, let go of the power button so it doesn't turn off again and you'll end up in the system recovery menu.

    From here there are a few options. Now this is important, "DO NOT CLICK ON 'RESTORE PS3". That will wipe the hard drive clean. You don't want that.

    What you want is the other two options:

    A) "Restore PS3 Database" (this might take a little time be patient).

    B) "Restore PS3 File System" (your bootup code, restoring is almost instant).


    These two options will not delete any content on your HDD, but it will nuke all your sent and received messages as well as music playlists you have, and if you edited track information on any mp3s, say you renamed them all to something less ambiguous than "track 01", the names and other altered data will revert. (seriously, get a keyboard) For any messages you want to save, I would suggest sending them to another account you have, then send them back later.


    Do this and you'll notice a significant improvement on your performance in proportion to how much you use the machine. Keep in mind that any hard drive intensive game like RDR, Skyrim, GT5, PSHome, PSN downloads, etc will make a mess of your hard drive over time, so restoring the database at least will tidy it up and reorganize files to faster access. If you have a 300gb hard drive and your drive is almost maxed out you're probably going to want to do this twice a month.
  • So issue with lag persists but now im getting a game freezing issue where the game literally has frozen but still has background audio and full menu functionality. Also had the same issues happen on another ps3 (fat model) but at different game locations. I took video of this issue and am tempted to throw it up on youtube to see if we can get some hits and get Telltale to respond on this issue. At this point i would just be cool with them giving us the xbox solution on the ps3 (as i do not think they will patch this issue based on the 360 appeasement/ resolution). Again, still a fan loving this game but would very much like to see some kind of acknowledgement from ttg on this. If i find any new info or testing results i will post them here.

    Update: was able to restart the system and relaunch saved game. This seemed to resolved the freezing issue. But still getting the lag and choppyness ( tends to only be happening during large action sequenses or areas with lots of sequintial choice events). But frozen screen issue is no longer persisting.
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