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Select Only Four Characters

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If you could only select four characters for surviving
who would you choose?

My Opinion:Lee,Clementine,Carley,and Omid.

Lee-Well,he is awesome!
Clementine-She got to survive because she deserves it.
Carley-Cause she is so cool and she is in love with lee.
Omid-He is so cool.
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  • Nuked;760205 said:
    Lee, Clem, Kenny, Omid. Why did Lee have to die? Whatever happened to happy endings?
    The 90s.
  • anonymau5;760206 said:
    The 90s.
    And I thought I hated Mass Effect 3's ending.
  • Kenny - The aggresive one, who does nothing but argue and berate his group members throughout the journey. He always lets his cynical nature be known, despite the optimisim of others.

    Larry - The wizened military veteran leads the group, using his combat skills to keep him alive and his people in line. Leads with a somewhat pragmatic "our group comes first" approach when dealing with outsiders.

    Omid - The optimist. His cheery nature keeps the group's morale up, even if nobody else can see the hope he grasps on to. His optimism gets him, and the group, through many difficult situations.

    Carley - The sharpshooter, she always has an encouraging word and knows her way around a weapon. The badass gun-chick never lets down her guard, despite sometimes being overwhelmed by the group's situation.
  • Lee and Clementine - Given.
    Doug - The smart guy. Every group needs a tech-whiz. And some comic relief for dessert.
    Ben Paul - Clementine needs a friend. Yes, he might be young and stupid, but, in all honesty, I can feel the guy. He has no one, except for Doug. And, after all, we need more Bad Luck Ben memes out here.
  • Clem, Duck, Ben, and Omid/Christa's baby.

    Because the kids come first!:p
  • In the end, I'd probably choose Lee, Clementine, Omid, and Christa.
  • Lee,Carley,Clem and Duck
  • Lee, Clem, Kenny and Ben.
  • Clem

    ...Oh wait! They did survive!
  • How can anyone want Larry to live? He's the world's biggest asshole. He's everything that can be wrong about a person.
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