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[TWD] Episode 3 keeps freezing

posted by PierreDup on - last edited - Viewed by 478 users

The game keeps freezing when Lee picks up and tries to open the bag outside the camp during the investigation with Duck.

I'm playing on an iPad 2 with ios6. I've tried several times already after restarting the device. It just freezes and I have to restart the game. Then I have to start over at the checkpoint when Lee comes out of Lilly's room and talks to Duck.

Thanks for the help.

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  • Wow thanks for the consideration guys!!!
  • I would ask for your save files so I would play past that part for you, but it may not fix it since I have recently discovered that some bugs are related to the save files themselves, not your device or iOS version :(
    You can still send your save files to me and I will check them if you want.
  • Ok thanks!
    On iOS can you tell me how to do that?
    Maybe should I start over to solve the problem?
  • No problem :)
    Try this first:
    Use the rewind feature to get back to the start of the problematic chapter.

    If it did not fix the problem:
    You can use iExplorer to access your save files:
    - Install iExplorer(it has a free shareware version).
    - Connect your iPad using a USB cable.
    - Navigate to Apps>Walking Dead>Documents
    - Make a backup copy of prefs.pop + all .save files.
    You can send me that backup copy to try.
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