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Say Lilly doesn't kill Doug/Carley...

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But for some reason they died at the motor inn anyway, and Duck and Katijaa still die. Going into Episode 4 you have Kenny, Ben, Lilly, Clem, Christa, Omid, and Chuck.

How different do you think the events at the manor, Crawford, Clem's kidnapping, etc would have turned out?
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  • Lilly and the Stranger's crazies would have canceled each other out, and there would have been sanity.
  • While their relationship probably would have only gotten worse, I think it would have been awesome to see Kenny and Lilly get along at least once, share a drink in the attic together or something. If Kenny, Lilly, and Lee all got along then they would have been unstoppable.
  • lilly would have argued that the whole boat thing is still stupid.
    Also I believe she would have mostly done the same as Christa. Argue with Kenny, cut your arm off, go for the meds etc.

    I can't see christa and lilly coexisting. Christa was kind of a replacement for Lilly so thinking about having both in your group seems awkward.
  • Kenny probably would have been a little less of an ass to her after Episode 3 (at least after Ben told him off) after he realized what he put her through. Then they may have started getting along. Once Lee, Lilly, and Kenny stopped fighting and became friends, the apocalypse wouldn't have been able to touch their group. An extra set of eyes may have prevented Clem from being kidnapped to, which resulted in Lee being bitten. Lilly and Kenny would have had one of those rare moments where they agreed on something in the belltower, with both of them likely wanting Ben to be left behind. It was only a day earlier when she pulled a gun on someone she suspected of being the traitor after all.
  • Lilly would still be the leader. Which means that Kenny's plan of getting a boat would be ruined. They never would have gone into Crawford, and with everyone still with each other, the stranger would probably never have kidnapped Clementine.
  • if lilly didn't go crazy in the RV i think things would have gone better, i think they would have still taken the train, and maybe christa, molly and lilly would have been friends and helped each other cope with what was going on, that would have been awesome
  • It would have gone more or less the same. They would have gone for the boat, despite what Lilly said (she'd eventually have to go along with the plan unless she wanted to go solo), that means they have to attack Crawford. She'd do just fine in Crawford. I can't see her being too happy with all the newcomers though (Charles, Omid, Christa, Molly, Vernon, Brie...), she'd have to deal though. It's likely she would want Ben to be dropped, although it's equally as likely that she would want Lee to pull him up (she kind of goes back and forth with her sympathy).
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