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Who should season 2 playable character be?

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  • dubesor;760613 said:
    They should not use an existing character simply because those already have pretty defined characters. A new protagonist allows the player to form his own character, which is essential to the game experience. Thus, I am almost 100% certain that we will be playing totally new, undeveloped character.
    Agreed. Would like to see the person hook up with the group (what's left) from the first season though.
  • Molly, I really really hope that it is Molly.
  • None of them have a blank canvas, so it's probably gonna be a new character.
  • Lee if he get "resurrected"
  • gimmeseason2;760915 said:
    Lee if he get "resurrected"
    Didn't TTG already say he's dead?
  • gimmeseason2;760915 said:
    Lee if he get "resurrected"
    I doubt that would happen, though.
  • Octado;760938 said:
    I doubt that would happen, though.
    IF you cut off his arm I guess it could be possible, but they were likely too late. Herschel's leg was cut off within a minute after he was bit. So I agree, as much as I want it to be true, I doubt it.
  • While I do think that a new character might be a good change of pace, the story of the game has been mainly about Lee and Clementine, and now with Lee gone, she'll have to carry on with all the lessons she learned from Lee. So, if we did get to play as her, then she would react differently on what choices she has to make based on what she was taught.
  • If we're a new character; I hope the two people in the distance were Omid and Crista. They won't show them meeting in the field but we meet them at the end of episode 1 and join our new group. That would be awesome!
  • I want that new playable character will be a male - military guy 22 or 26 not older, and his name would be for example Fred. It would be nice.
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