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Just a thank you.

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I'm an avid gamer and I've been doing it for quite a while now, my favorite game of all time was the Mass Effect series, the rich story and dialogue was what got me and I didn't think anything could top it. Until now. This game hit me like a truck, I never expected it.

I bought it on an impulse during the Steam holiday sale and I didn't expect anything, this game was very unknown to me, I didn't even watch the trailer. All I knew is that people liked it for some reason so I decided to play it.

I can safely say that this game and its story is a masterpiece, and is without a doubt my favorite game of all time.
I am so glad I got to experience it and enjoy it, and its all thanks to the wonderful people at telltale games. I just cant wait for the next season, and I hope you continue Clementine's story.

Thank you for enriching my life.
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  • I feel the same way as you VirtR. This Walking Dead telltale series is a masterpiece. Also so is the Mass Effect series as you mentioned above.
  • I feel the same way. A few weeks ago when i was going through youtube watching random video game gameplays, I came across this guy playing TWD and at first it looked like an "all right game" so I decided to get it. When i finished the first episode, I was stunned at how amazing and enjoyable the game was. I couldn't stop there and decided to get the rest of the episodes. When I finished the game, I cried so hard like everybody else who played the game and I couldn't sleep that day thinking about how Clem will deal with this situation. I was watching an interview this morning with Dave Fennoy and how he mentioned that other people who played the game feel like the choices they made in the game changed the way they are or will be in life. This is not just a point-and-click adventure game, It's a life changing experience.
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