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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

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One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • No, but it's intriguing that they're considering a Linux version.
  • why are there certain rules about being in a relationship that everyone agrees on and yet everyone breaks?
  • Giant Tope;761579 said:
    why are there certain rules about being in a relationship that everyone agrees on and yet everyone breaks?
    Such as? Honestly, I'm curious. I'm not really good at the traditional idea of relationship.
  • idk, people always say like don't date coworkers or don't date friends or like wait 3 dates for sex or whatever ect. it always seems like people who give relationship advice always break their own rules.

    i have no idea how traditional or normal dating is like so i have no idea either
  • Main rule is, don't worry about everybody else's rules. Oh, sure, listen to their advice, but realize it's from their own experience, and it may not be the same for you. Just do what seems right, and you'll probably get hurt a few times, but you'll figure out what works for you, and who cares what everyone else thinks?
  • I guess I'm just being wary about warnings even if it feels right. I don't know if doing something right despite the odds or I'm just getting myself into trouble.
  • The only reason people say don't date coworkers is because when you break up yur job will be even more miserable than it was before.
  • Don't dip your pen in the company ink!

    Seriously though, It's not a big issue if everyone is able to act like a mature adult if things don't work out. You don't need a simple breakup to lead to factions developing on the job. You have to look at things that way going into the relationship as hard as that sometimes is to see. Think to yourself, if things ended badly, how would either of us react at work?

    Yes, I've done it. Things were fairly okay afterwords. Our work friends kind of split though. We didn't ask them to "pick sides" or anything. They just kind of did. We were both mature enough not to sink to the lows of trash talking or gossiping to others.
  • Just got a Kindle. Book suggestions?
  • divisionten;761604 said:
    Just got a Kindle. Book suggestions?
    A Wizard of Earthsea.
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