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Did Lee kills his wife????

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I always thought Lee just killed the senator and not his wife but several times the voice actor of Lee (Dave Fennoy) said that Lee also killed his wife.

The first time I read about this when Dave Fennoy said in an interview:
Lee is a broken man, a former college professor on his way to prison for killing his wife and her lover.
And then yesterday another time he said the same in this video:
[...]found his wife in bed with another man, killed them both and was on his way to jail for murder[...]
Now, either I am completely stupid now or Dave seriously never got told that Lee didn't actually kill his wife.

Why do I think Lee didn't kill his wife?

#1 Well first of all it would have kind of ruined the character of Lee imho. I mean a murder is one thing, but doing a big mistake and rage-killing a guy who sleeps with your wife I can at least somewhat sympathize with. I just don't feel that also killing his wife would fit Lee's character.

#2 in EP1 Lee says to Shawn he doesn't know where his ex-wife is.

#3 In EP1 we hear Carleys story, how she claims she was a news reporter involved in his case. In the entire game she mentions him killing the Senator several times but never mentions him killing his wife.

#4 Throughout the game Lee mentions killing the senator several times. Like in Ep1 towards Clementine (if you choose so), Ep2 on the way to the dairy, EP3 when you follow Carleys advice to several people. Never once is it mentioned that he killed his wife.

#5 In EP5 when talking to Campman you can say you have hurt your wife. Lee will tell the story about how he killed the Senator. He does not say he killed his wife at all but rather says "I was mad at her for so long and I can't imagine how much pain she felt"

Everything within the game made me 100% believe that Lee killed the Senator and no one else.

But Dave Fennoy repeatedly saying he killed his wife too makes me wonder... am I missing something or is he just being completely wrong? Does no one from TTG actually tell their actors the story?

Any enlightenment is appreciated.
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  • Rommel49;760722 said:
    You can try to deny it's the same logic, but it's a pretty weak denial; Lee never says that his wife was alive in Athens, just that she was there - you just assume that implies she's alive.

    And actually, it does kinda come up in the stranger conversation if Lee says he never hurt anyone he cared about. The first person the stranger brings up is Lee's wife; given the stranger's definition of "hurt" in this context is keeping his own wife's head in a bag and likely killing Lee... it's a pretty big implication.
    he just said he drove her away, he never says he hurt her physically, where is the part where larry says lee killed people?
  • I don't think Carley would have had the same attitude toward Lee had he killed his wife. She also would have brought it up in Ep 1.
  • In ep 1, the cop asks Lee if he met his wife in Athens, so I think he didn't kill her.
  • Lol, no way, it is never once implied in the story that Lee killed his wife. Everyone who knows Lee's a murderer only mentions the senator. If he killed his wife that would be mentioned, it would make absolutely no sense for Lee to have killed his wife and TellTale completely deciding to not have that mentioned at all. Also, Lee did say she was in Athens and I highly doubt he meant she's dead in Athens (although the zombies probably got her :D) and if he did kill his wife that would make him a completely different type of character. I would have a different attitude towards Lee if he killed his wife and I'm sure all the other characters would too.
  • thestalkinghead;760723 said:
    he just said he drove her away, he never says he hurt her physically, where is the part where larry says lee killed people?
    If Larry did say that he was probably over exaggerating. I can see him doing that to try make Lee seem like some terrible mass murderer when he just 'accidentally' killed one guy.
  • I believe when lee talking to sean he mentioned if u chose the option of diolouge that lee mention that he was not sure were his wife is he thought she might be in anthems or with her parents.
  • In episode 1 when Hershel asks Lee about his family, you can reply as such:

    "No wife, not anymore. She's up in Virginia, i think."

    Plus, if Lee did kill his wife he likely would have mentioned it to both Kenny/Katjaa and the stranger if he talks about it(the stranger especially, since he's about to die and has no reason to lie).

    There is zero evidence to support the theory that he killed his wife.
  • Nah, that would've ruined Lee's personality. He probably just got it mixed up :o
  • yeah, they had recorded and planed that he had killed them both but they changed it !
  • dubesor;760684 said:
    Lee could be lying and thus the player could never know from what he is saying. Unlikely but possible.

    But Carley would at least mention it since she knows the entire story and covered the court case.

    Why would she say "You are Lee Everett who killed a Senator" and later in EP3 "You should tell them that you killed the Senator", and not even once mention his wife if he killed her? Makes no sense.

    I believe Dave Fennoy is just hugely mistaken on this one. And someone from TTG needs to inform him before he does more and more interviews spreading false information lol. People will think it's true since he is the main role in the game after all and would seem like a reliable source on the story.
    It really isnt that big of a deal and i doubt dave fennoy is causing any actual damage to the franchise..its not that important in the grand scheme of things.
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