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What does your browser look like?

posted by hansschmucker on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
Title says it all really:
What does your browser look like and why?

The browser is a nightly Firefox trunk build ("Minefield")
The layout is simply done by Showing only the menu bar with small icons.
Elements from left to right: Navigation, Reload, Stop, Menu, Location, Search, Bookmarks, Fullscreen.
The design is the default theme with the "Elegance" persona applied.
The Persona icon in the bottom left corner is the only icon added by extension.
Window design is Windows7 Aero with black and about 50% opacity.
Close button on tabs is moved via browser.tabs.closeButtons:3

P.S. The window is usually quite a bit wider so that the location bar expands.
Installed addons: Adblock+, APNG Edit, Base64 Encoder, Chatzilla, DOM Inspector, Firebug (only enabled when I need it, as it's prone to create conflicts), FlashGot, Full Screen Video, Greasemonkey, LiveHttpHeaders, PasswordExporter, Personas
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  • Yeah I saw that... So in other words Europe now pays more for no apparent reason. How lovely. Mind you I've managed to preorder it fairly cheap anyway with that offer they had going.

    Is what they're trying to get it to look like. However the computer already comes with Internet Explorer to browse that page to begin with, so chances are a lot of people wont bother trying the others.
  • Not quite. Europeans will get a "ballot page" when they first open MSIE that will let them decide which browser they want to use.

    The EU has learned from Windows N :)

    Edit: posted at the same time.
    I'm not sure why I should have preferred being overcharged for Windows without MSIE to being overcharged with MSIE.
  • Yes, I said that. You missed my point completely. Since IE is already on it, chances are a lot of people wont bother trying the others.

    Edit: Oh sorry, you were talking to the guy above. XD
  • Actually, I said that before ( ), that's why I didn't bother repeating it. I was wondering about the "overcharged" quote, since Microsoft overcharges Europeans no matter what.
  • Yeah but it doesn't exactly say it in giant letters as such.

    Oh and by that I meant them not giving us an Upgrade edition, because they were afraid that upgrading an OS which already had Internet explorer to an OS without isn't recommended by Microsoft or something. BS really, as you say it was just their excuse to over charge us as usual. Don't we all love the $1 = 1 euro thing going on everywhere as well as the useless Dollar to Pound conversion rate.
  • Not exactly giant, no. :)

    I've got absolutely nothing to add to your last paragraph.
  • My browser of choice is Firefox. It only looks like Chrome (because Chrome is pretty).


    Also, here are my installed Firefox add-ons:

  • I've decided to switch to Internet Explorer. Then I'll find a way to theme it up.
  • Laptop: Chrome
    Monster PC: Firefox
    General Use PC: Firefox

    I used to prefer FF, but Chrome would run way better on my Laptop(for some reason there were issues trying to run more than 5 tabs at once with IE or FF). I got used to it and I do like how "clean" it is.

    Kind of an odd resurrection I must add.
  • I use version 6.0 of Safari.
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