WD won't start


I just downloaded The Walking Dead game, but am having trouble at playing it. The game starts loading and sometimes even asks me for my account information, but after that nothing happens. It just gets stuck there (see the attachment). Everything works allright (for example audio and cursor), but when I trie to "Click to Continue", nothing happens. Sometimes it claims that I don't have a license, but when I log in to my account, everything seems to be OK.

I've tried to restart the game and even re-installing it, but it doesn't seem to help.


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    Or is there a way to cancel my purchase? Because at the moment it isn't really money well spent.
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    The screenshot you provided is the screen when the game is downloading patches and updates. This can take up to 20 minutes, so you'll need some patience. I don't know how long you have waited until now, but make a pot of coffee and watch some tv, cause it can take a while.
    Also, don't try to go to windowed mode and do something else. It will crash 40% of the time.
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