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320Gb HDD and walking dead

posted by liquifire on - last edited - Viewed by 611 users
This still does not get TTG off the hook for not testing their software before releasing to the public but, I just bought the 320 Gb HHD and started the walking dead game over and it's glitch free. I had the standard 4Gb slim and it was a glitch fest. Not sure if others will have this experience and it's still total BS the game glitches so bad but if you were looking to get the 320 GB HDD, like I was, it should solve your problem. It's a totally different game now, playable - imaging that.
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  • I don't have a 4GB Slim and I can't play this game because of the glitches. I don't get the stuttering and freezing like the people with the Slim, in fact it played just fine until I got more than halfway through episode 2, then it reverted back to episode 1 on me. The next time, I got through episode 2 no problem and then it froze on the achievements screen. And the last time I got more than halfway through episode 3, saved, quit, and now when I try to load it keeps asking me if I'm sure I want to Rewind, and the screen freezes and I can't do anything.
  • i have the 320g and my game keeps freezing up.
  • bryanimpact;763075 said:
    i have the 320g and my game keeps freezing up.
    Same here, emailed them and all they said was download the patch, since I already did that I honestly doubt they're going to fix it
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