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So how long's it supposed to take to get a response from support?

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I sent an email on Monday evening, haven't heard back. While I understand Telltale isn't a massive company, this just seems... slow. And seeing how difficult it is to get any sort of response from them through these forums or twitter, I can't say I'm confident I'll be hearing back any time soon.
How long should I expect to wait here?
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  • And it's been a week now. Why am I completely unsurprised that I've yet to get a response? This really does feel like I'm dealing with a terrible ebay seller.
  • Waiting five days so far here. All just for them to give me access to download a game I have purchased.

    I realise they're a smaller company, but they deal with big franchises and sell a whole lot of games, so it's not unreasonable to expect a 48 hour turnaround for basic admin support issues like this.
  • I contacted support sometime in mid November and still haven't heard back. I emailed and called. Nada. I finally got an email a few days ago saying my case had been closed. Haha... okay.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB and Valve eventually gave me a refund.

    You won't get *any* support from TTG. They don't even have a customer support group. Their customer support is Matt P (who's actually a quality assurance tester, not full-time customer support) and a few volunteers who roam the forums.

    If you're not happy, complain to the BBB, complain to Valve, and/or charge it back through your CC company. But don't waste your time waiting for a response here.
  • I guess I'm one of the lucky few - I received an email today from the legendary Matt, with instructions on how to access my games list. I was close to sending an angry reply but thought I'd check first, and the game has now appeared in my list. No "sorry for taking a week" or even "yeah, our bad, let me add that for you", but at least I can download my game now.

    However, I'll be checking these forums again before I buy anything else from TTG, and only making the purchase if I see things have improved.
  • My first support request mail was in July 2012. The response took 3 days, but it was a standard "we are working on it" mail.
    Second support mail was sent in October, but I never got a response to that one.
  • Unfortunately, TTG aren't exactly world-renowned for their customer support, which can really be a pain in the ass when you encounter one of the various nasty bugs that can be found in some of their games. Still, the fan-base is helpful enough.
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