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The missing 3 months.

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How cool would it be if TT and Kirkman combined to make a comic depicting the 3 months we missed at the motel.? Meeting mark. Arguing with Larry, flirting with Carley. I would buy that in a heart beat. What do you all think?

E: also the fights with the bandits.
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  • I don't think we can use zombie Mark's actions to show his usefulness... he would have grabbed the first person in sight; it just happened to be Brenda.

    It wasn't Mark's food, as though he had been smart/brave/able enough to get; it was food that happened to be at the Air Base.
  • Platinumb;762760 said:
    I kind of got a pretty good sense of Mark from the get-go.

    Mark was a gossip-hen who couldn't shoot and was the weakest of all the adults. He also was overly trusting of the St. John's, initially. (Frankly, I would have insisted Katjaa take care of me over Brenda. Maybelle could wait.)

    I would like to see how he managed to be the sole survivor at the Air Force base, quite frankly.
    As anyone with firearms experience can attest, accurate shooting relies partly on having the physical strength to use the rifle. A starving man isn't in optimal physical condition, so we can't really judge him as being a poor shot or the weakest in the group.

    Plus, he was aiming at the bird from an unsupported position which would fatigue his arms even more. Lee also said the shot was a hard one too.
  • Some of y'all are ripping on Mark. We hardly got to know the guy.
  • I guess I just didn't really like Mark's personality. I didn't hate the guy, but he really came across as a gossipy popular high school girl hen. I mean, there's a zombie apocalypse going on; there's no time for Gossip Girl.
  • See we just don't know what happend during the 3 months which is why we need something depicting it for us. For all we know that was the first time they had been out alone when in the woods. We just don't know.
  • I think it would be good to see an animated series on TV to know such details.
    It sounds like a good idea, much more than a DLC. But I don't think this is possible.

    PS: Sorry my bad English hehe
  • ASSASSINO;762718 said:
    That would be awesome. I really wanted to see the bandit fights as well as meeting mark.
    agree with you
  • There were no bandit fights in the three months between EP 1 and 2. They just met the bandits at the start of episode 2.
  • Oh you work for TT and know exactly what happend during the 3 months? Why didn't you just say so.
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