Walking Dead

I downloaded the game, and it will not load, I have uninstalled and reinstalled countless times, I have tried getting help from steam and was told to come here. I have had this game for 2 weeks and unable to play it. I would like a refund or trade for a working game.


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    welcome to the club. I cant get the game to save even once, so all I can do is start over again and again and again.. useless developer
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    You will not get a refund here. There's been one person who has gotten a refund from Steam, after months and months of e-mails.
    You can try posting all details here and the community and moderators can help you in fixing the problem.
    - Are you playing on Mac or PC?
    - Post your dxdiag info, or system information.
    - Post any error screens you may get.

    And good luck.
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