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If TTG could only make one more game?

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If TTG could only make one more game ever? What game would you want it to be?

I would be really torn between another season of Monkey Island and Sam & Max... But a second season of Monkey Island would be my pick.
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  • For me it has to be a second season of "Tales of monkey Island".
  • If they could make this game as well as they did The Walking Dead, I would love to see them take on American Horror Story. Please for the love of God it would be amazing.
  • Monkey Island fo' sho'
  • As I explained in another thread, Jeff lemires sweet tooth would be my pick. It's a post apocolypse comic series
  • A Monkey Island game featuring Indiana Jones, Marty McFly & Doc Brown, Sam & Max, Manny, Zak & Annie, Bobbin, Bernard & the gang, X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic 4, Superman, Batman, Roger Wilco and Star Wars dudes. A game of 200 episodes. Should last the next 20 years :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I have chickened out of this thread because I didn't really connect with the basic idea.

    I'd rather have S&M4 than ToMI2, and possibly neither for Telltale's last meal (DAMN, I wanted a word similar to the German "Henkersmahlzeit" ['hangman's meal'] and teh English dictionary failed me).

    But the best of times, the greatest of fans, the most wonderful enthusiasm, the best of the community, the most of fan art, including Majus' and Andrej's videos... that WAS during ToMI. If Telltale's to go down in flames for whatever reason, I'd want to relive that time first.

    Taking my eyes off the actual franchise question for a second, it WOULD have to be Tales of Monkey Island.
  • Vainamoinen;759831 said:
    (DAMN, I wanted a word similar to the German "Henkersmahlzeit" ['hangman's meal'] and teh English dictionary failed me).
    I think "Last Supper" would fit here.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    OF COURSE. Far better.
  • puzzlebox;749988 said:
    Me too! There is a crapton of talent here, I can't wait to see more of what they have in store for Fables.

    As of September, Revolution was planning to do that (right after Broken Sword 5).
    They've been planning it for a decade though :(
  • I'd have to go Sam and Max season 4

    Sam and max season 1 was the game that made me fall in love with point and clicks and needs some Sam and Max
    I've played Hit the Road and even watched the Cartoon series on youtube
    I just need some more sam and max
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