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The Better Ending (spoilers)

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Clem by the door, gun in hand, uncertain of what to do she still moves on. Its the perfect symbol of strength in the face of death.

Now fast foreword after the credits. Heres clem in a beautiful field away from immediate danger and shes seen by two figures. Its not revealed who has spotted her but the hope here is that shes found the two survivors from her group. Pathetic.

The problem is the second ending ties the story up. makes it small, just about the three characters on screen. So once its over it can be forgotten. The Hollywood ending appealing to the base.

The first ending hits us personally. Thats me there watching lee die because we are all in a similar situation: born into a losing battle. We all face an unknown death, the important thing is having courage along the way. That adds meaning to our lives. Its the difference between moving forward and freezing up. the last screen wasn't about Clem losing her caretaker. What we were all thinking was weather Clem would keep moving or freeze up and die. we all wanted her to push and move on. Its more important than her relationship with Lee.

This is just hope and comfort, contrivances that teach and mean nothing to us. throw away the weaksauce clem in field ending. shes stronger than that.
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  • Wait, there is another ending? I just saw the two figures in the field, and then it ended...
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    I saw the second ending differently. Yes, Clem is away from immediate danger, but she's still nine years old, all alone, still in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and probably could not find Christa and Omid. She sees two figures in the distance, but there is no way of knowing who they are - they could be Christa and Omid, but they could be anyone else. To me, she clearly looked frightened and unsure of what to do. If they really are friendly people, should she call out to them for help and risk attracting attention to herself? What if they're not? God knows how many bat-shit crazies she's witnessed throughout this whole mess. It shows that Clem is all alone in a large and scary world with no one left to protect or guide her at all. Everything looks far from okay, and she's anything but safe.

    If they really wanted to make a hopeful, neat and appealing little ending, they could have straight up shown that she found Christa and Omid, and all three of them could be sitting in a beautiful field, smiling as the sun goes down or something. It would still leave room for a sequel, and be that perfect, happy Hollywood ending you're talking about.
  • She has a look of horror on her face. They're not anyone she knows.

    The shorter one is rotund/chubby, the taller one lean. not Omid and Christa. Christa was taller, and she would be the one rotund.
  • The second "ending" is simply a cliff hanger for season 2. The ending with Lee is the real ending. The final scene is just a bonus they give us to tease the second season that is on its way. There is only one ending for season 1.
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