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The Williams: Were they KQ fans, fans of technology, or fans of money (or a mix)?

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So, in your opinion where did Roberta Williams and her husband sit on how they viewed the KQ series? What were they more interested in? Did their views change over time? If so when did the views change?

For was Roberta Williams more interested in technology than the KQ universe itself? Was Ken more interested in the monetary success? Was Roberta interested in the monetary success or not?
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  • It really depends on your age, and your exposure to the games. AGI Sierra games were all I knew for years. I mean, honestly, in my head - when I think "Sierra Games" I still see a plethora of all the games I played and loved, KQ1 and 2, SQ1 &2, Black Cauldron, Gold Rush!, Manhunter, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry 1.... the AGI games have a certain charm that really appeals to me, and though I love the later SCI 16 color and 256 color games, those original AGI games will always remind me of Sierra.

  • I agree with Blackthorne's initial post, and also find enjoyment out of each version for different reasons.

    However, I'll admit that for me I played the remakes first in many cases, and went back to play the originals later on. I grew to like the originals over the remakes. Perhaps it was the simplicity. For others maybe it was a better "consistency" with other games in the series. For example PQ1 remake makes quite a few changes plot wise, and oversimplifies some of the puzzles. The plot changes actually make it contradict PQ2 and PQ3 in some ways. One issue of which is the chronological dating for each game.

    PQ1 EGA actually had more puzzles and a few more points, and the car chases were better handled. So gameplay was another reason to prefer it.

    KQ1 EGA fits better with KQ2 and KQ3 in layout of the land, and KQ3 directly references the landmarks of the original version, rather than the remake. The mountain stairs, and cloudland in KQ3 is based off of the mountain stairs and cloud lands in KQ1. There is a visual continuity there. The remake changed the cave and clouds for example.

    However, I really do enjoy the improved narrative and music in the remake of KQ1, and different atmosphere.
  • I grew up with AGI as well. You can really tell the difference in quality from KQ1 (awful artwork) and their later games (Gold Rush! WOW!). Even KQ2 was far better than KQ1. Probably because it had actual artists directing it? Who did the artwork for KQ1 anyway? Was it KQ2 when Mark Crowe came onboard? SQ1 and SQ2, however, have some of the best AGI graphics I've ever seen. That's partially because I love Mark Crowe's sci-fi style plus he really knows how to make a few large rectangular pixels look amazing. SQ3 was fantastic as well. I miss his artwork. Can't wait to see it again in SpaceVenture!
  • I found Kerona to be kinda bland in SQ1 EGA. The in ship and space stuff was great. Although the colors were kinda bland, almost every screen was limited to 3-5 shades of color it seemed.

    SQ2 seemed leagues ahead of SQ1 IMO in the art department. Even the character sprites looked way better. There was alot more color diversity on the screens.

    SQ2 and KQ2 are probably my two most favorite AGI games.
  • AGI is the shit.

    I'm still holding out hope for that AGI Lord of the Rings adventure game.

  • Haha! I remember those! Was that you the one that was making those, Lamb, on the AGDI forums? Before we joined IA? Holy crap that was a long time ago. I actually considered you a respectable member of the community at that time. ;)

    EDIT: Here's the thread!
  • Haha...yeah, that was me. I like how polite and nerdy I was in that thread. I'm not sure what changed. Still nerdy, I guess.
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    Well, it was one of the last EGA SCI games. The VGA, SVGA, and FMV games were all SCI as well.

    KQ5's odd looking EGA port would like to remind everyone of it's horror at this junction.
  • Heh, that's actually the version I grew up playing as a kid, because all we had at the time was a Tandy 1000. That and SQ4 EGA. I loved them. Though I was blown away by the colour palette cycling effect in SQ4 when I finally did see the VGA version on a friend's computer.
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    I grew up playing KQ4 AGI myself. Had no idea there was an SCI version. Years later I went back to play it again, and this time it was the SCI version and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why the game looked so damn different.
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