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Lee survives in SPACE!

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image Yes he is not dead yet! So our story begins with Lee nearly dieing from a zombie bite (Or from a bullet in the head your choice.) But just before he took his last breath He passed out from all the pain. And when he regains from his slumber, he looks around and to his dismay He is in SPACE! And is no longer sick (Or hurt). He is puzzled how and why he is in SPACE he does not remember a thing. And before he does anything he hears a loud sound behind him so he turns his head to look at where the noise is coming from and out from the corner of his eyes he sees a ball made out of metal and wires."Hello what are you?"Lee asks and in reply it said "SPAAACCCE".(ONE DAY LATER.)image Day two. Lee starts to wonder if he will ever make it back to Clementine.He thinks about all of his friends who have died. After floating for a while he sees a space station in the distance. He thinks to him self, I must get there. He wonders how he will generate enough propulsion... image Now it is time to be serious. You have a choice to make; (A) He can use flatulence to get to the space station, (B) He can use the space core to get there, (C) Lee is actually super man. Just post in the comments (A) (B) OR (C) I will make a new picture for what ever wins And it will have an impact to the story.THANK YOU FOR READING AND TO BE CONTENUED!!!!!
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