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Stealing Boat was worse than stealing from the stationwagon.

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Stealing the boat was wrong because vernon knew we planned to use it and without it we would most likely die in the incoming herd which he didnt even care to warn us about whereas when we/the group chose to steal from the stationwagon we had no knowledge that the people who owned it were still alive or were nearby. We didnt know the ramifications it would have but vernon knew the ramifications his actions would have, what vernon did may have been the act of a desperate man, but it was an evil act nonetheless and hopefully if he survived he will meet a gruesome end in season 2, preferably at the hands of the player! :D
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  • I think Vernon could tell the horde was coming.

    When the group is escaping from the belltower of the Catholic school that Crawford had taken over, he asked if they had come by the train.

    I guess he figured, they made the noise that brought em, they could be the ones dealing with them.

    Because face it: Lee's group was going to leave Vernon's group in a morgue with no means of escape after being the ones sending rampaging zombies towards their city.
  • If I meet Vernon in season 2, I will kill him in the most brutal way possible.

    Nuff said.
  • Riadon;763838 said:
    If I meet Vernon in season 2, I will kill him in the most brutal way possible.

    Nuff said.
    I hear ya man, as Kenny said "They fucked us!"
  • I honestly wish there were a scene maybe right before christa and omid get separated from lee where we could see like from the rooftops the riverfront and those fuckers as zombies. I have no idea how they could possibly loudly drag a boat down quietly, especially seeing as I don't think they would know how to defend themselves that well (remember, they've been hiding most of the ZA underground in a cushy nuclear fallout shelter).

    Stealing the boat is far worse than taking from the car because I still can hardly believe what an idiot the stranger with the station wagon was for not only leave his abandoned car with all his supplies unwatched, not only leaving the keys in the car, not only leaving the doors unlocked BUT ALSO LEAVING THE DAMN DOOR OPEN WITH THE LIGHTS ON GOING DINGDINGDING! I might have objected more to taking supplies from the car but I thought for sure no one was coming back to it because no one could be so stupid as to leave it like that and think no one would take from it. When you have something valuable like say sustenance for your family, you protect it, just as Lee and his group protect the boat (wish there were a way to leave christa and omid behind AND show the bite).
  • Once Clem left with the creep the boat plan wasn't gonna work anyway, with Lee and Kenny gone.
  • I will eviscerate mister do no harm Vernon if I see him again... He was so self righteous when he was telling me how terrible a leader I was and how I couldn't possibly take care of clementine... And then he goes and signs her death warrant by stealing the boat and leaving her behind... If he'd even attempted to take Clementine or had taken her instead of the stranger I would have had more respect for him... But at the end of the day he's no better than Crawford, doing what needs to be done so that his group can survive at the expense of an innocent... Also he hates being lied to or threatened but he's totally Ok with stabbing people in back.
  • eh, even if everybody but Lee stays behind somehow the bunch of ol' timers whoop them all and steal the boat. And they weren't in a "CUSHY" fall out shelter; they were hiding out in a MORGUE.

    The car and its supplies actually belonged to the stranger. The boat was found; it belonged to a dead family. It wasn't like Vernon stole Kenny's family's boat. I don't see what Vernon did as stealing, though I don't think it was necessarily "right," either. I can see how he might have justified it by "their loud ass train drew thousands to Savannah; my group can't survive now because we can't go out looking for food."
  • Hell, I wouldn't even consider stealing from the car "evil" so much as it was a misunderstanding brought about by extreme circumstances and bad luck. The group would have starved without that food - which was in plain view, fully lit, and unguarded - and the Stranger handled the situation pretty stupidly. There wasn't even any concrete reason to NOT take the food at the time. The boat is completely different. While not exactly "evil", Vernon caused the group to get stranded in Savannah right as the herd came down on top of them, resulting in Kenny and Ben (Determinant) dying. He fucked over a group of people, including a 9-year-old and a pregnant woman, just so he could take his sorry ass out of danger for awhile. I won't classify that as pure evil, but he's an asshole who screwed over a group of people who pretty much lost everything trying to get that boat, and who even helped him when he asked for it. He's a huge hypocrite and a snake. He'll be in my sights if I see him in Season 2.
  • As opposed to, the train from Lee's group having basically trapped that bunch of old people?

    I wouldn't say they even helped Vernon out. They just happened to need stuff from the same place.

    Helped get one of his group members (Brie) killed, too.

    All I'm saying is this act of righteousness where it comes to the boat isn't really warranted. the boat didn't 'BELONG' to Lee's group anymore than it belonged to Vernon's. it belonged to dead people.

    You can argue there were more young people in Lee's group and that the old should have sacrifice their lives for the young because HEY CLEM / BEN 10 YEARS FROM NOW (*vomit*) but, I don't really see anybody doing that.
  • It's survival. When threatened or in danger, each person has the right to do whatever it takes to protect themselves, even if that means a kid will die as a result. It's horrible, but it's perfectly reasonable. I'd like to think that I'd give myself up if it gives the child a better shot at living, but I can't say for certain. I've simply never had to make that kind of choice before. Thank my lucky stars for that.

    I don't blame Vernon for what he did. He saw a chance to move on to a safer life, and took it. With the station wagon, all we were doing was giving the group a temporary reprieve from hunger. There's still food out there that we could have taken (little known fact, but tree bark can be used as a famine food, not sure which trees though). There were no other boats for Vernon's crew to find, not with a horde incoming.

    I get the anger one would feel being on the short end of this stick. I'm not trying to say retaliation against Vernon and his people would be unjustified. Just that he acted very reasonably and understandably.
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