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Stuck at the beginning

posted by fstopover on - last edited - Viewed by 429 users
I bought the PS3 WD disc.

I haven't been able to progress beyond one of the first things.

After the car wreck the deputy's become a zombie. I got the keys. After that I'm stuck.

I can crawl away, get the shotgun and the shell, but there's no way that I've been able to shoot the deputy zombie, so I've died--again and again...
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  • Do you have the option to click to shoot him?
  • Ok this is how I did it.

    -Grab the keys and unlock the cuffs
    (Zombie sheriff attacks you fall)
    -Crawl backwards, look to the right grab shotgun shell
    -Look to the left (grab shotgun and load it)
    (Lee drops shell)
    -Grab shell and load gun again
    -Hurry and aim it at the zombie sheriff and press A (or I believe X on the PS3)
    then BOOM! Shotgun to the face. Zombie dead.
  • Do you think that the problem is that I've grabbed the shotgun first and then the shell, because the way that I've been doing it there's no prompt to fire the gun?
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