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TWD: Stuttering/lag (Disc version)

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I bought all the episodes off psn but i wanted a disc version too share with friends. I tried playing through episode 1 off disc and encountered some rather off putting lag, and in some cases i would miss opportunities speak. I missed one speaking prompt and now clementine thinks i think shes dumb, which frankly broke my heart. In a game that hinges such prompts and quick input such lag can be a killer. I get some issues slip through the cracks but theres gotta be some solution to this right?
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  • Thanks for the update Jackal. Seems odd this is their answer as i have tested this disc on a standard slim ps3, older fat ps3 and issues persisted on both at the same spots when playing on the retail disc (disc is spotless). Go figure. I pushed through and finished the game and experienced much less of these issues in episode 4 and 5 but still a little bit of it. Great game and definitely deserved of Game of the Year, but this disc release is a very unfortunate representation of this fantastic product. Since this seems to be their response i will cease further posting about this issue and just take appropriate precautions when further purchases from telltale are made.

    Again, amazing game and excellent art. Please keep making these games Telltale, but please invest more in testing on future disc releases.
  • They should call this game "The Walking Lag". Seriously, how can a game that is pretty much just made of dialogue choices lag so bad? I just purchased the PS3 disk yesterday, and played through Ep. 1. The game worked great up until the last moments of the pharmacy. Then as everyone else has stated, voices stopped being in synch, and the stuttering is so jarring, that it completely takes you out of the game. I missed a couple of key choices simply because the game kept stuttering and at one point just froze for about 3 seconds. Ive played a lot of the TellTale games, even "Bone" which left ya hanging after one episode, and have never had these problems. My PS3 is fine. I take very good care of it. I never have these type of situations with any other disk. Was this game even tested for issues before they sent it to be pressed for retail purchase? Please Telltale, could you do something for us fans of your games to help us out, and not just switch the blame to our consoles. Obviously we are all having the same problems at the same spots, and I dont think its a coincidence.
  • Lol, acording to that answer my ps3 is the problem? Give me a break i know my ps3 and it works just fine... this is them washing their hands on the subject. Im going to send mails to ign and gamespot to see if they can publish this crap for everyone to know.
  • I purchased the PS3 disc version for my girlfriend's Christmas present, not realizing there were going to be performance issues when compared to the downloadable version. She finally has some time to play it and is loving the game, but she is really aggravated at the constant choppiness (as in every 30 seconds during game-play).

    Telltale, please provide us with downloadable copy keys upon proof of purchase of the retail disk edition, this is beyond frustrating!
  • I bought this game a couple weeks ago and experienced the same lagging issues at the end of the first episode, and in subsequent episodes as well. While it's a terrific game, I feel that the issues plaguing it are awful and should be fixed. If that's not possible, I feel that PS3 users experiencing this should be awarded a code to download the game in full from the PSN store.

    I want to play through the game again, but I don't want to sit through all of the hiccups . Playing through it the first time was almost unbearable. Please fix this issue.
  • It seems to them we are second class citizens given that no one seems to be answering i wrote to ign about you ppl should too better than doing nothing in this forum
  • Seriously? Not even some kind of reply from any devs or tech support on this issue? The bad game performance is obviously happening to a large amount of people. There are many forum topics on many different sites that are asking about this. Why are us PS3 users getting the shaft here? If Xbox360 users can get help, then why cant we?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are aware that a small number of users are affected by hitching on the PS3 and have been looking into the issue. We do know that the issue affecting 4GB Xbox users of the game not being able to cache properly would not affect PS3 users as all units come with a physical hard drive.

    However, we do know that if the game audio is not synced during gameplay this can be an indicator of a fragmented hard drive. Following the steps posted by BigAl6ft6 on page 2 to restore the PS3 Database and File System should resolve this issue and may resolve any major hitching you encounter. Please select the direct link below to view this helpful post:
  • Hello,

    I am having an issue as well, for one I cannot even get this game to update on the PS3. I do have a launch console, but have upgraded the hard drive to a 250gb hard drive. I have about 160 GB free. This game cannot be played because it always refuses to update. I am forced to unplug from the PSN to even get the game to play, and then it is partially playable. If you all can fix the game, then please do so, otherwise I do not even want the game anymore in its current state and will kindly send it back directly to the company.
  • I did what the poster suggested in the link, Matt. There is still significant lag throughout episodes 1-2 so far. This is not just an isolated incident. I've seen people on various forums complaining about frame rate issues.

    No disrespect intended, Matt, but I feel that blaming it on the PS3 hard drive is a cop out. Skyrim is the only other PS3 game I've had any slow down with, but the frame rate is far worse in this game.

    The game itself definitely deserves Game of the Year, but the hitching is unbearable. If nothing is done about this I'll be very hesitant to purchase another Telltale game in the future.
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