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Better Business Bureau complaint filed regarding game save corruption bugs

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Some background: a couple months ago I experienced the all-too-common game save corruption bug on my PC version of TWD game about 20 hours into it. My save files are still there, but the game does not recognize them, and no amount of fiddling with timestamps / prefs.prop files / restore points has restored them. I have reached out to TTG support in hopes of a bug fix, including this post ( requesting some sort of game save generation tool for those of us that have been affected by this bug, assuming it couldn't actually be fixed. I received a copy-pasted response on the thread (verified it was copy pasted by searching the forums with the text from his response) that gave no insight into the bug and offered no solution or timeframe for a fix.

Since TTG seems to take no interest in responding seriously to these bugs or fixing them in any way, I too have filed a complaint with the BBB. I suggest anyone who has had these issues, or others that have gone unanswered, file a complaint as well. It took a few minutes, just give some personal information and a couple paragraphs detailing what's up.
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  • I still don't know how the VGA Game of the Year's big unfixed bug never made the gaming press rounds.....although I suppose maybe the game sold more on consoles?
  • Well done!

    Does anyone know if this (BBB) applies to Canada as well ?
    I know Canada has our own version but I'm just wondering.

    I don't think so but TTG is an American company so I'm sure you can still file a complaint.
  • Looks like Kotaku saw my forum post and has reached out to TTG in hopes of getting an official response from them.
  • Good to see some media coverage on this subject. I hope it can fix the game for all the people with problems. I highly doubt it will change anything though. Telltale has to collect all the data from all the systems that have problems starting and playing TWD.
    Their testing systems obviously could run the game smoothly, otherwise it wouldn't be released yet. Then there are people with the exact same system where the first person is able to run the game perfectly and without bugs, and the other person isn't even able to start the game.
    I'm sure TTG is working on the problem, but I think they just can't locate the bugs causing the problems. What may be a gamebreaking bug on one computer, may not even be visible on the other. Seems like a impossible job of fixing.
  • That's totally understandable, but I can't imagine it would be difficult at all to make a program or web app to generate game save files (see my other thread). Fact is they haven't indicated any interest in ANY sort of possible solution, or even let us know that they are looking into possible solutions.

    I would be happy if they replied saying "yeah we know about this bug. It sucks and is really hard to reproduce, but we're looking into fixing it somehow." But instead, they reply with copy-paste responses.
  • I submitted my formal complaint to the BBB. Thank you for providing the link!
  • when i first played the game i went through 2 of the seasons once the the 3 one came out i can't even play the game!!!!! i want my money back this s*** is borken!!!! my steam neame is raven2244 transfer the money back in that account.
  • Telltale doesn't refund anything. You can try Steam themselves, otherwise you are S.O.L & J.W.F, shit outta luck & jolly well fucked.
  • Hey thanks for starting this thread! I just filed a complaint too and I urge anyone who hasn't done it yet to do so. If you've ever complained about a game or bad business practices by publishers, THIS IS HOW YOU CHANGE IT!
  • No it isn't. BBB can't do anything but ask Telltale what's going on. If Telltale gives them the finger, BBB can't do anything about that. They don't have any reach in media or any juridical pull.
    Like I said before, if you really want to change something, try to find a media outlet which is interested enough to do a piece about TTG.
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