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Lost my Monkey Island CD

posted by Justinen on - last edited - Viewed by 379 users
Well, I have been digging through my apartment for a few days now and I cannot find my CD for Monkey Island. I found the case though, but no CD. Also apparently I never made a Telltale account so I can't digitally download or anything. Is there something I can do?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Unless you purchased the game from the Telltale Store (and to do so, I'm pretty sure that you'd have to have created a Telltale account at the time of purchase), there's not really anything Telltale can do for you.
  • Well I bought the games a few years ago through some kind of promotion. Pretty sure I only paid like $10 or so for the whole shibang. It seems I don't have a TellTale tied to my email though, so I bought it without having one somehow. I guess I can take a picture of myself standing with my empty DVD case with big frown on my face to prove I actually own it.
  • I just woke up this morning and I remembered the promotion when I bought ToMI. It was on discount for talk like a pirate day or something like that. Also I still have my old debit card if my order can be looked up with that. Still also willing to look sad and hold up my case in a picture with a time stamp or something like that.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    TTG had such a promotion back in 2010.
    If you bought it through that, you should have created a TTG Account in the process though.
    Did you change your E-Mail Address since then?
    You can try entering a different E-Mail Adress here.
  • I tried the college email I used at the time for resetting before I made this account. It didn't send anything and it also did not confirm if there was an account tied to that email.

    Edit- just tried logging in with all possible combinations of password for the email I used at the time. Nothing >_<
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I don't know the procedure for this, but it's best to contact Matt about the TTG account you lost access to. There has to be a way to prove your identity.
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