stuck at RV at motel

I'm playing on Xbox 360 so perhaps it's all the glitches holding me up, but I can't figure out how to kill the zombie on the side of the RV. I've got the screwdriver from truck, but when I pushed the car into zombie by fire ax I did not get the axe

Any suggestions?

Hopefully Telltale puts out a patch soon!



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    hmmm...not sure that i can help much, i was llucky and didnt suffer from many glitches.

    Make sure that all zombies are dead. If one is still alive, it may stop you from getting the hatchet (cant remember for sure)

    the one to the side of the RV, i think you just have to run up to him, but i'm not sure O.o
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    you need to get the screwdriver from the truck that you hide behind with Glenn and carley you need the pillow to kill the zombie sitting by the car and than open the car door and you will find a spark plug take the spark plug back to the truck and use it to break the window and grab the screw driver and head back to the rv call the zombie over than you can kill it
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    Thank you, I guess I have to wait for a patch to fix the problems .... Basically, game freezes on me when zombie on side of RV comes after me. I do have the screw driver but am unable to fight off zombie. So, I've stopped playing .... : (
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    I am also experiencing a glitch or freeze when trying to kill both zombies around rv. It's very frustrating. Please tell me there's a fix coming or I'm taking game back
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