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Recording for YouTube

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  • Hello. I have plenty of experience in this issue.
    If you are simply recording and monetizing on your own that is not allowed. You need explicit statement from the copyright owner of the game and I can assure you TTG won't give you one just like 99% of other devs.

    In order to make money and monetize content that isn't your own you need to join a network. They usually have deals with the big companies and compensate them or make sure that you can somehow profit from your videos via fair use law (eg in commentary, parody cases etc).

    I have monetized all my the walking dead videos as all meet the fair use criteria and in any case of any problems I have a network to deal with all the copyright stuff.

    Are you alone? In that case, forget it

    MattP;732716 said:
    Hey guys, I want to make everyone aware that while we don't mind fan-made or Let's Play videos, we do not approve of monetizing copywritten material. Alan may not have fully understood exactly what was being asked, but I have asked this question of his and my superiors, and they have confirmed that we don't allow this.
    So you have 2 options.

    #1 join a network that will fight all of this out for you or

    #2 make videos for fun and don't monetize them
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Vkris;764953 said:
    Hello Alan Johnson and fellow community members
    Alan is no longer with Telltale. That's probably why his inbox is full. :o

    But, yeah, as soon as you monetize, you can't just take that footage and do with it whatever you like. ;)
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