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Crashes/black screen when starting an episode

posted by h14392 on - last edited - Viewed by 391 users
So I encountered a save issue or bug during my first play through when I got to Chapter 5, the game sent me all the way back to the beginning of Chapter 3.

I uninstalled, re-installed the game and now have started a whole new game from Chapter 1. Now as I am attempting to continue into Chapter 2, Im the game gives me the "Rewind back to this point?" option and clicking Yes or No results in a black screen. I eventually have to force quit the game and I get an error message saying "Telltale games has quit unexpectedly".

I'm really disappointed with this game. I was thoroughly enjoying it until it shat itself. How come there has been no patches or fixes despite all the controversy of the buggy game state?

Little help??
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