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I had a terrible nightmare about Zombie Apocalypse

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I had a nightmare about the world turning into a zombie apocalypse and then woke up. It was that bad.

After I was awake I got worried, about the safest place, food and protection. What the hell, I haven't been watching The Walking Dead or playing it for a while, but it still got me.

It's true that the weakest may be bitten by them, but keeping him/her close to you would make it less likely for it to happen, plus if your love one dies and the world's a complete disaster it'd be either live alone or die with him/her.

Hopefully a Zombie Apocalypse never ever happens.
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  • *sight* at least you HAD a dream about ZA..Only thing I'll see is my mom making brownies (True Story) :(
  • I had a horrible dream I was a one dimensional character in the Resident Evil movie franchise...I keep seeing Albert Wesker throwing his shades at me in slow motion over and over...
  • That means a zombie apocalypse is bound to happen someday ;)
  • gimmeseason2;763777 said:
    That means a zombie apocalypse is bound to happen someday ;)
    It will also mean I'll have to go back to eating meat/fish, which I've stopped recently, and just vegetables. Survival.
  • I remember having a dream like that, not my usual very violent ones or strangely disturbing ones but one that just...well felt real makes it sound tame.

    It wasn't a zombie apocalypse but something suitably apocalyptic had happened and the people I was with were in the near major city making a stand so others would have time. I know that whyever (yes, made up word) we were there it had taken a while to get to that point. There were no military personal, we were all armed and in position behind cars. What I hate about that dream is I could feel everything with such clarity, the tastes, smells and the dread of what was expected was just...yet I didn't wake up cause of that. As we were expecting whatever it was I woke up, just literally opened my eyes. All those feelings just stayed with me, the next two or so days I kept an eye on the news. It still shakes me up, I've never had a dream that real before or since and I've had some pretty interesting dreams.
  • Im always first person and theres usually wolves in my dreams. I cant move and I see something coming but wake before it gets me. Very messed up.
    Had a zombie one once. But I was on my bike evading them. Quick and quiet transport though your exposed and cant make irratic turns.
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