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GOG Sierra Bundles

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Quest for Glory has finally been released on GOG, all V episodes and both versions of the first QFG.

This finally explains who maintains the ownership for the series. Activision.

Highly recommended for fans of KQ series is Quest for Glory series. It was an RPG/Adventure hybrid series (last game is pure Action-RPG stripped of most adventure aspects). It had a few nods to the KQ series as easter eggs, and like KQ the game took ideas from both fairy tales and myths from around around the world
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  • I don't see why they didn't simply use DosBox for LSL 6 SVGA. Almost effortless. I doubt anyone would mind having ScummVM and DosBox in the package installer.
  • It's not as effortless as ScummVM. It's sad to see GoG taking the easy way out with some of these releases. Oh well.
  • Well, they may have an update in the future. They do that pretty frequently.

  • "The VGA version does work in ScummVM though (the 1.001.x version at least, which is what's available on, which is probably what they mean by technical issues since they don't seem to want to use DOSBox for the LSL series."
    I've been testing them. The VGA version runs better in Dosbox, than it does in ScummVM. Both run rather slowly, compared to the SVGA version. But SCUMMVM version seems more sluggish than in Dosbox. ALso seemed that there were some animation glitches in ScummVM for example during the Sierra logo appearance. Cycling of the colors seemed a little off in ScummVM. General animation seemed a bit jerky and that's even with detail pushed all the way up.

    Even the initial load up of the game seems slow on both scummvm and in dosbox (initial load might actually be slightly slower in Dosbox).

    Now the SVGA version running in Dosbox runs fast, and very smoothly. It loads quickly too, even with detail turned all the way up and in full screen. I'd say its one of the best running SCI/VESA games I've seen running in Dosbox.

    Also keep this in mind, in the past, look at KQ6. They didn't just strip out files, they included the Enhanced version. Although the enhanced version was not supported in Gog's installation. You could access it using ScummVM. Which makes no sense why they didn't just keep the SVGA folders (it's only an extra 16 mb), and let people try to use it themselves.
  • ^ Baggins, in case you haven't already, you should send your config options to GOG! You'll be a hero. :)
  • My config options for Dosbox, is the basic "mount c: c:/" go to the folder in C drive, and then load the game using the "sierra.exe".

    As in I was just using default config options. The game runs quite well on default settings.

    Why bother trying to fine tune something that works well already?

    You could also build a shortcut to the same thing, but I'm lazy, LOL.
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    or you guys could just look up exodos vol1, which has preconfigured settings for every dos adventure game to run in dosbox..... ya know... just sayin...
  • Ah nevermind then, I thought you might have tinkered with config options. I wasn't talking about shortcuts. ;)

    So if the SVGA version runs well 'out of the box' in DosBox, y u no include it, GOG? I wouldn't see any customers having a problem with LSL1-5 using ScummVM and LSL6 using DosBox.
  • As I said on the other board my theory, and I'm stick to it until I get more evidence is;

    They must have tried to test LSL6 SVGA on SCUMMVM only (as the pack is primarily using SCUMMVM), and because of the simplicity of installing games into SCUMMVM. Because LSL6 SVGA/VESA does not work in SCUMMVM (it loads in the daily builds but runs very slowly, and is broken and has unplayable menus), they decided "technical issues" so they didn't include it.

    Which is silly because in the past they included other files like the KQ6 Enhanced, when dosbox couldn't handle the files (SCUMMVM can by the way)!
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    I think Baggins is on to something, but I also think the game was rushed to be the 500th game they released.
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