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I need help! I'm German and I can speak english quite well.
But if it comes to Sam & Max I don't get 1/4 of all the jokes if i play it in english (pretty annoying)!

I just bought S&M S2 from steam (the other two i got in a media market)
now the problem:
Steam doesn't support the German Version of S&M S2!
But i already played it at a friend's computer so i know that there IS a German voiceover!

PRETTY PLEASE! I need this german voices somehow! It's just not that funny for me in english! (and 28€ isn't cheep anyways!)


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    ??? thank you ???
    no statement nothing?
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    For Sam & Max Season 2 on Steam it is mentioned in the description, that it's only in English. You would be better off contacting Steam support to find out why they don't offer the German version.
    As far as i know the German translations of the Sam & Max seasons were done by various Publishers. I haven't looked at the German versions myself, but here's a thread criticizing the quality of the Season 2 Translation.
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