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Episode 5 Stranger Problems

posted by FelineBox on - last edited - Viewed by 329 users
I am trying to play The Walking Dead on PS3.
I have reached the Stranger who is accusing me of things I didn't do such as letting Clementine eat the human meat, taking her to Crawford and almost every other bad decision I'm the game.
The strangest part about this is... He knew I never took from his van.
Is this part of the plot or am I going to miss out on the ending I worked for?
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  • There's only one ending.
  • anonymau5;765259 said:
    There's only one ending.
    And it sounds like your save file had a glitch and the game randomized your decisions for the sake of the story. Which is probably why you're being accused of some things you didn't do, but some decisions are the same (like not taking from the station wagon). The game just picked at random since your save probably got messed up.
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