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Kickstarter Corporate sabatoge from the Larry HD developers?

posted by BagginsKQ on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

It seems that one of the Producers over at Replay Games tries to sabatoge development on Space Adventure, and close down a few other "competing" kickstarter plans as well.

Based on posts on the Replay Games own kickstarter page, they were hoping to get the Two Guys and other Sierra alumni to join Replay Games, so they would have a better chance at getting into the Sierra license, partnering with Telltale if they had to.

Some at various forums that discovered this noted it looked like Trowe wanted to create a Sierra 2.0, with him being the next Ken Williams.

He may have since admitted to it, and apologized about this to the Two Guys... But wow!

But after that do you think Activision would trust him enough to even share in the Sierra license, let alone give it to his company? How much of anything he or his company Replay Games has claimed in the past can be considered true?
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  • Don't bring this up again. It's ancient history and not worth delving into again. I was hoping we could all just forget about Paul Trowe. It was working. Why ruin a beautiful thing? Neither he nor the situation is worth talking about anymore.
  • I never knew about it, its not something I would have looked for. Except that it came up in the news histories while searching for Tell Tale and King's Quest and 2012 news bits.

    If people don't want it being 'mentioned', maybe they should have deleted it from the websites? Of course some people find 'removing' websites akin to destroying 'history'.

    Ironically, speaking of Trow;

    Has anyone played Bard's Tale (several songs sung by trow)?

    Trow chosen one song

    "You are pretty much a fraud, and for that we do applaud!"
  • How about people just use common sense to figure out that it was an issue that has since been resolved and really isn't worth mentioning anymore? So you found it. Great. Now you know. If you read everything you should know that the whole scenario has had closure and everyone's over it. It's not worth drudging up dead horses to pointlessly ruin people's reputations and set communities in division all over again. which will happen if it's brought up again. It's just not worth it.
  • Sorry I don't know all the details and the MixnMojo news article didn't have a 'followup" with all the details. I certainly didn't go through all 50 pages of forum posts to see all the details... I just went by the article mainly.
  • The SQ.Net thread you linked to does a good job of tying it up. If you were wondering how it all turned out, you could have just skipped to the last page. In fact that very link you linked to was to Paul Trowe's own post apologizing to the community and to Scott, Mark, and Chris.
  • Ya, I pulled that link from one of the reply posts at the bottom of the Mixnmojo article didn't read into the forum itself.

    Its good that they were able to work the differences out, and that he apologized. Its a good thing, it will have no affect on the release of Larry HD, or affect the other kickstarter campaigns.

    However, I still think its probably something that corporate lawyers from Activision, probably will/have taken into consideration, when dealing with them, if questions about Sierra licensing came up. A risk? Oh, well that's not big deal. Not as if they really had much a chance anyways based on what some of the articles were saying. Activision wanting $500,000 for the Sierra licensing and all. It seems only Telltale may have taken the bait... :p...
  • I really don't think ActiVision are going to sell or license the IPs to anybody for anything at this point. They have 'their own plans', as they keep saying.
  • I really don't think ActiVision are going to sell or license the IPs to anybody for anything at this point. They have 'their own plans', as they keep saying.
    Ha, whatever that means! It could mean just as much that they are doing to do something with it themselves, they aren't going to do anything with them, or they have already shared rights to someone else (and are not willing to share it with others groups at the same time), and in whatever the situation, they aren't going to talk about it.

    But ya, I don't have much 'hope' for Activision. I'm skeptical about them in general. Based on how they have handled other franchises and stuff. Look at development history of Call of Duty for example. They have enough 'corrupt' chickens in the henhouse themselves, as far as corporate lawsuits are concerned. They have many good IPs they just sit on.
  • MusicallyInspired;765430 said:
    I really don't think ActiVision are going to sell or license the IPs to anybody for anything at this point. They have 'their own plans', as they keep saying.
    Basically, their plan is to bury the series completely.
  • Yeah. I definitely think that's the plan. Bury it.

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