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Season 2 suggestions/Ideas/General Disscusion

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I dont really care if there are a million threads like this because most of the have actually stayed from the topic basiclly i just want to discuss the ideas, what you want and just in general season 2 from charecters to setting for all we know Telltale might look on this thread and acutally like your ideas so TYPE AWAY

For season 2 i think we should start from the beggining(also we should have maybe 6 or 7 episodes if there more im ready to pay) i know most people dont want to go back but i just dont want to be dropped in with this new group and not know what they've been though so episode one should be the beggining then we have a time skip for ep 2 kind of like before they should probobly be a group thats located on the countryside maybe they are held up in some house and were we meet clementine we are just coming from savanah maybe we see clementine while were walking and end up picking her up.

For charectors we should have 9 people to start off Our main Charecter who i'll name Ian he's was a pre-med student and is the doctor of our little group there are two other families the Martians who are a man and wife and are selfish pricks who only think about themselves. We have the martians familes who have a daughter who could befriend clementine and some other people but one thing is we have to have a love interest.
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  • i hope that christa ends up like lori if christa returns. because thats how telltale can end season 2 ep (5?) or 6,7,8
  • I think a mod will probably merge this with the stickied Season 2 speculation/suggestion thread, even so.

    I like your ideas. I too want an initial introduction to a new group, so we get to know them and maybe get attached to them before we reunite with Clementine and perhaps Omid & Christa.

    Also i think it would definitely be interesting to have characters who are only in it for themselves, maybe to to the point where they start going against the group or putting everyone in danger for their own benefit. They seem nice at first, but as time goes on they get more and more deranged and vicious until eventually they abandon you and team up with an enemy group to attack your own, as an example.
  • Why dont we have a differ main other than clem, clem will be a cow to you until episode 4/5 and we will get to HATE her until she finally opens up or even you have to save billy or clementine. If you save clementine she opens up to you if you save billy,billy opens up to you? or maybe a christa and omid hate eachover thing because of X And Y happened and there is a choice between them? christa and omid will always say ' Who is right me or HER ' and Christa would say things to you like ' Omid is so stupid and ugly, dont you agree' if you say yes omid will hear you and you become PRO christa and if you say no Omid will like you more and christa will hate you if you stay quiet you will open your eyes a bit more ( like omids eyes ) and indicate he is behind christa. Maybe we could get a choice to shoot people and that would result in a game over? like christa sittiling down on a bench if you have a gun in your inventory you can shoot christa and christas new boyfriend ( or girlfriend ) will shoot you for that? Or maybe in a tense ' Talk ' if you say the wrong thing you get shot? Im hoping for a path situation where there is a path in a park splitting into 2 places and you choose left OR right if you go left X Dies and if you go right Y Dies? Maybe we could have a zombie attacking you and you can say things if you're surrounded by a group of people? A zombie X or Y ( depends where you went ) attacks you you could shout ' Run, dont worry about me ' ( Game over ) ' Help ' ( Omid/Christa comes to save you ) or Silence ( makes a season 1 zombie QQQQQQQQQQQE happen ) We should have a carley ( Christa ) Doug ( Omid ) Situation but like in a building and rubble collapses and christa and omid are grabbing on to the edge of a building ( skyscraper ) and you choose? if you save christa she dies giving birth. if you save Omid he dies because his leg breaks ( his bone was made weaker in season 1? ) if you Watch them fall to their death they both lose grip and hold hands as they fall ( Determant Be neutral and always ask them to get backtogether and stuff ) when they fall THERE IS NO GAME OVER! maybe there could be a pool of water below them and now christa and omid are out to get you for letting them drop? or they die. maybe there should be a We found a working laptop ( keep it ) OR a gameboy or something - Changes a ton in the group, If you choose the laptop a girl called bob breaks it open in the middle of the night and gets a sharp part and kills herself with it. If you get the gameboy ( with headphones ) a girl named brad doesnt notice a incoming walker First person shooter mode activates and you have a choice to let brad die or save her. If brad dies she comes back to life and kills her brother, Doug. Doug was a invaluable member of the group he was carley but male version. even you go in a pet store you see a young puppy ( Insert most violent dog breed here ) or a old ( Why take her to the base?
    wouldnt you want to be shot if you were bitten?
    ( Insert something i cant think of here )

    Why shouldnt you?

    She could be from another group see how ' well ' ( determant) you're doing and come to attack

    She may have a loaded gun on her

    The bitten girl could come back in the car/van/truck ( Determant )

    JUST SO MANY POSSIBILITYS IN THE WALKING DEAD! my brain hurts from all the rubbish ideas. Please Im begigng you at least say what you liked in my idea.s. ( determant )
  • young male charecter. You are an actual convict starting in a prison and first episode you attempt an escape battling Guards and Walkers. The Zombie ap has been 2 months going but guards felt it was thier duty to keep you in. Walkers overun the prison. You get out with your best friend inside. The two of you meet a pair of middle school teachers and a couple of kids (dont worry kids die quick, redherring father sim plot) Your best friend is a rapist and one night you find him at the one. You either shoot her to save your pal and lie to the other, or shoot him as hes bad. You head to Savanagh to find your parents and wife to find they are dead as well as your kids
    Then the char who you spared is eaten by your undead wife and kids. You and the middle school teacher leave a now infested Savanagh to find Clem at the end of episode 3. You and teacher get a relationship and look after Clem but shes resistant and at the end of the series she finally comes to accept you. Then Clem or thevteacher... you choose
  • Any charector names guys?
  • Dan Cartwright, Dan Morgan, Tim Dean, Mac Obrien, Reggie Baxter, Nate Bobson
  • i read what you told clem will effect weather she runs away
  • I think she might. But run into them later in ep1. She needs saving.
  • I wanna be Clem.
  • Platinumb;765454 said:
    I wanna be Clem.
    Get the F*ck out of hear! nah im just kidding all ideas are welcome
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