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Did you watch the Episode after credits scene on your first playthrough?

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It seems that most people didn't know it existed until they found out on the forums or elsewhere... I want to find out who.
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  • Shrewsbury Survivor;765116 said:
    I kind of thought they where going to round her off. I didnt want them to but... She looked at the shells and was alone. I thought they were going to carry out a quick assasination to move on. The idea of them killing Clem off scared me. It would of been a big mistake and took me to real tears. Im more than releaved she lived.
    I'm still fear, that they are bandits, of psychopaths.
  • I watched- wasn't aware there was going to be anything after the credits. It's just that I was sitting there in stunned silence at this awesome game I just played, I couldn't move. All of the sudden the scene starts going and I just about fell out.
  • i watched it the first time, but mainly just because i couldn't think of or didn't want to do any thing else but just sit and watch
  • thestalkinghead;765574 said:
    i watched it the first time, but mainly just because i couldn't think of or didn't want to do any thing else but just sit and watch
    The same sityation. I just sat, in my head was only one thought: "Is this the end?" The song: "Take us back" forever remained in my soul.
  • Yup,I just cried and cried and taught what Clemy had been gone through and listened (?) to the song,and I was hoping we could go back in time :/ Also,I was shocked ( :D )
    And then,BOOM,aftercredit scene
  • There were so many tweets telltale retweeted saying to watch through the credits, so of course I did. I think I would have anyway, I would just be in so much shock and I would be so dead that I wouldn't be able to move.
  • The day before Ep.5 I swore to my self never to look at this thread until Ep.5 was released. Of course I broke that rule, and saw a thread titled, "After the credit...", So I knew there was something after I stopped crying. :L
  • Shrewsbury Survivor;765057 said:
    I sat saying "Theres got to be more :'( wait... no Clemmy dont die, dont kill her you bast... ahh whos that?"
    ya i though Clemmy was going to smoke herself too! LOL, I wanted to say NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! But at same time im Sick, so I was like do it u P***y... LOLs

  • I was like what the hell just happened. I was stunned and listening to the song. And saw the ending. :D

    And I downloaded the song afterwards. It was not great but it brings the dramatic feeling a bit back.

    Alela Diane - Take Us Back
  • I usually watch the credits after beating a game - kinda like a nod to the developers for working on the game. Though the song made it all the more depressing for TWD!
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