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Is this as good as the Lucasarts games?

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I am about to finsh Monkey Island 2 SE edition (96% complete) and I would like to know if tales of monkey Island lives up to the originals
I am a big fan of telltale and just want to know if it is par with sam and max or Strong bad.
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  • Not as good as the first two, but to be fair it is REALLY hard to "write" comedy.

    it was still worth the $, time, and effort.

    One of the things that made the older games longer lasting was having to figure out all the puzzles. Some of them weren't easy, and when 1 & 2 came out, most people didn't know what the "Internet" was.
  • Tales is definitely up there with Lucas Arts' finest. Avoiding direct comparisons or saying that it's better or worse than this or that chapter, it'll leave you satisfied in a way the others haven't, much like Admonisher said.
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    "The Tales of Monkey Island" is a very inventive game in its whole. Everyone who played MI 1 and 2 and showed interest in these two games will be happy. Since there are so many hints and allusions to the classic games like the big forests, the way you can let Guybrush talk or simply the fantastic music (and much more), it is a good game for those who liked playing MI1+2. And the new environments/levels bring a certain 'freshness' into the game. The Telltale crew really couldn't have made a better job. So in my opinion "The Tales of Monkey Island" is as good as the Lucasarts games!
  • Thank you for all the help and advice

    I have bought Monkey Island 3 and Dam ans Max hit the road to play over Christmas and have used Scummvm as suggested thanks and I will probably get Tales after I've finished them.
  • I just finished Tales of Monkey Island. I'd played the first two installments as they were released, when I was a kid... eventually followed up with the 3rd and 4th installments, probably not too long after they were released but I can't remember. With the the seeming death of the Adventure Game genre, gaming in general faded from my consciousness and I didn't even realize they'd made new games in the series until fairly recently.

    I recently replayed the SE remakes of 1 and 2, but it's been so long since playing the 3rd and 4th installments that I find it difficult to compare. But I did really enjoy ToMI and think anyone who enjoyed the first two should check it out. I was surprised how involved I was in the story and characterizations, and there were still several gags that made me laugh out loud, though they didn't quite match the inspired humor of the first couple.

    It is sad that the series seems at long last dead... though at least it had enough legs to keep it alive for almost 20 years. It's had a better fate than Grim Fandango, IMO the greatest adventure game of all time. I'd love to replay it but I think I'd actually have to acquire an old computer with an older operating system to pull it off. Still, glad to hear Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer are working on new games that will appeal to the old adventure gamers.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    VentureRonin;761037 said:
    It's had a better fate than Grim Fandango, IMO the greatest adventure game of all time. I'd love to replay it but I think I'd actually have to acquire an old computer with an older operating system to pull it off.
    Actually, you might be able to play it on a modern machine using ResidualVM.
  • Cool, thanks for the tip!
  • I've finally finished Curse and it was brilliant much better Boat battles than Assassins creed 3...

    I'm planning to get Tales soon when Exam season ends so February...
  • While the original Monkey Island games will always be seen as the ultimate experiences for their puzzles and humor, Tales of Monkey Island is definitely the most epic in the whole series. The character development, plot, and action sequences in Tales are unrivaled in my opinion and a lot of previous "what if scenarios" come true in the game with regards to Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck, and the Voodoo Lady's character as well as the relationship between them all.

    I believe Tales has the best constructed story out the whole series and it makes a lot of bold choices throughout it. If Monkey Island is never going to be put back into production (though I have a feeling Ron will get the rights back again one day), Tales serves as a very fitting and epic conclusion with plenty of action, emotion (for a Monkey Island game), and unexpected sequences.
  • I've just started Grim Fandango as I recieved it as unexpected late Christmas present so I've decided to play that before Tales simply as they're both great games and I don't want to split my attention

    Still soon...
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