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Introduce Yourself!

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 107.5K users
Just about every forum I've seen has had an introduction thread, and with the new licenses bringing in so many new faces, I feel ours should be no exception. This thread is for new members to introduce themselves and say hello. If you guys like, it can also be for old members to introduce themselves to the new members.

And yes, I'm aware that we already had this thread two months ago, but after the way that one went, I felt a blank slate was in order.

Well! Guess I'll get the ball rolling!

Greetings! I'm GuruGuru214, though most call me Guru. I've been here for around a year and a half, and at the moment I believe I have the 5th highest post count among active posters (behind Avistew, Rather Dashing, Jake, and Irishmile). This means that I talk a lot but not necessarily that I have a lot to say. :D Needless to say, I could very well be the mod who spends the most time on here.

I also started the longest running thread on the forums back before my modship, which is something that fills me with both pride and shame, depending on what's going on in there at any given time.

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember and own every Nintendo console there is.


See? I also own the full Telltale library, with the exception of Texas Hold'em. Once a year, you'll find me running the Great Monkey Island Race and the Great Sam & Max Race, a speed run competition through every game in each series and a whole lot of fun. Other times, you might find me on other crazy exploits, like running the entire Kingdom Hearts series in chronological order, or cataloging my game collection and then attempting to beat all the games I never finished.

I like to think I'm easy to get along with, as long as you're a reasonable person. Don't look for trouble and we should get along just fine.

Welcome to Telltale! Enjoy your stay and don't cross me! :D
  • Hi, i'm here to bring you my particular brand of hellzapoppin' antics.
  • Hello I am TheBigGuns. I am a crazy depressed person, who is going to do a OUYA in the gaming and entertainment industry in 2013 in a measly 6 months. I hope to defeat the 2 most hasted video game bosses called EA and Ubisoft and hope for more companies like valve and telltale in a measly 1200 dollars. Its time for a revolution.
  • Hello I'm Hudomonkey I'm a big fan of Telltale since Wallace and Gromit came to Xbox and got me hooked and since try and play all the games I can since I played Sam and Max and realized exactly how brilliant Telltale is

    I spend a lot of time gaming and I'm big fan of Point and clicks of both today's time and of the past and I'm currently playing through Curse of Monkey Island which I'm to planning to follow with Tales
  • Hi everybody!
    Let me introduce myself, I'm Stefano Raspini, from Italy!
    I'm a big fan of Telltale and I spent a lot of time playing trough "BTTF: the game", recently!
    I would like to pose you a question.
    I am in my last year of University in Italy, (University for Translating and Interpreting in Pisa) and I am on my final thesis...What i have to do is to find something which has never been translated before in italian, so i started thinking to translate the script of the game "The Walking Dead" far as I know there is no italian translation! Do you know where I can find the script?? or, even better, if someone of you has already got the script, could he/she borrow it to me for the translation? Please help it's for my final thesis at the university!!!
  • HI guys just joined to discuss Tales of Monkey Island, the usual games forum I used noone had posted anything about it since 2011!

    I've only been a fan of the series recently but used to be a fan of adventure games such as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (classic). Played an old copy of Monkey Island Le Chucks Revenge and got kinda hooked on it, so decided to get Tales of Monkey Island too. Looking forward to discussing it with people, definately a totally different game to the ones made all those years ago!
  • Hello, Im Johan, im playing Walking dead for few days already and i really like it! Have some questions and suggestions to community ;)
  • Hi. I'm Maxlee! <3.

    I like Japanese language and culture
    Anime and J-Drama
    Other foreign cultures
    Walking Dead
    Adventure Games
    Shenmue (say it 3 times and a 3rd game is bound to be made eventually, right???)
  • Hi TT Forums,

    I'm Andy, one of the focus testers for The Walking Dead series Season 1. I had no idea that the studio has such an active online community. Anyway, I look forward to reading all your comments for the upcoming season. I have no clue as to any release dates so my guess is as good as yours. Cheers!
  • Hi friends
    Sierra games composer here. How y'all doin?
  • Hey all! I am Axis (short for another username I go by AxisOfAnarchy) but I am known in The Walking Dead community as CrossbowKillShot.

    Some facts about me:
    * Founded The Buckeye Colony, a group of Walking Dead cosplayers in Ohio and the surrounding states. We started with an appearance at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio and are quickly branching out.
    * I started as a fan of Telltale when they released "Bone" but never got active in the community until "Tales of Monkey Island" was released.
    ** On the subject of "Tales of Monkey Island", this is how I started chatting with Mark from Telltale. I got stuck on a PR copy of the first episode so he assisted me whenever I got stuck. Fast forward quite a few years and we still occasionally chat.
    * I'm a huge fan of Major League Gaming, especially Halo.
    * I am conversational in four languages with knowing phrases in many more.
    * I turn 30 *shudders* in May.

    Things I Love:
    * Video Games - Mostly RPGs but I also love Dance and Rhythm Games.
    * Dancing - Hip-Hop and ParaPara
    * Drawing - Portfolio is at
    * Photography
    * Costuming
    * Reading - Mostly fantasy with a little SciFi here and there.

    Favorite TV Shows:
    * The Walking Dead (duh)
    * Once Upon a Time
    * NCIS
    * CSI (Las Vegas and New York)
    * White Collar
    * Castle
    * Criminal Minds
    * Glee
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