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TWD: Stuttering/lag (Disc version)

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I bought all the episodes off psn but i wanted a disc version too share with friends. I tried playing through episode 1 off disc and encountered some rather off putting lag, and in some cases i would miss opportunities speak. I missed one speaking prompt and now clementine thinks i think shes dumb, which frankly broke my heart. In a game that hinges such prompts and quick input such lag can be a killer. I get some issues slip through the cracks but theres gotta be some solution to this right?
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  • Hi Matt, i followed the previously (and reposted) steps from the link and the same issue occurs. Again, terrible in the end of episode one (lag, audio sync, scene jumps due to "lag"), beginning of episode 2, and end of episode 2, and at one point when you are stopped at the station in ep. 3 (although that may just be the large environment at that scene). Again episode 4, 5, and most of 3 didnt have much of any issues but 1 and 2 still acting up horribly ( in the same exact spots). I tried these test play throughs with different choices and same spots were affected. This was tested on my ps3 slim (not the new 2011 one), and on an original ps3 fat. Same spots, same troubleshooting, same issues. Both devices have unaltered factory HDD's. i'm posting this at this point to help further illustrate that this does not seem to be a ps3 (user end) specific issue. If there is an update to fix this in the future cool. Will we get replacement codes for ps3, probly not (and at this point ive accepted that with no animosity). BUT, and i cant stress this enough, please make note that there IS a legitimate issue here for ps3 owners who bought the disc release and let TTG know that these issues need to be addressed for both sides of the coin (either console) for future disc releases as a show of good faith to TTG's customers and fans. Again, love the game, hope for more, all respect to you and TTG, but please provide this data to whoever needs to see it to help prevent further issues like this. Thank you very much.

    Again, not asking for anything more here from TTG other than followup on future disc release (or digital) issues for both user bases. You still have a loyal fan here, but i gotta state my case on behalf of users with issues. Again, thanks for all you all do.
  • Just did that process, it didnt work, heavy lag on first episode in the exact same place at the farmacy... is not the ps3.

    60gb model and upgraded to 120 gb.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Hi all,

    Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry that the workaround posted on the previous page did not resolve this issue. We would like to look into the matter more closely, so if possible, can anyone affected by hitching or lag on the PS3 retail version of The Walking Dead provide the following:

    • A video showing the hitching and out of sync audio (please upload videos to a file sharing website like youtube and provide the direct link to the video)

    • More information about your PS3 such as:
    How old is your PS3?
    What is your PS3's model number? This can be found at the end of the serial number or the bottom fo the console and starts with a 'CECH' designation.
    Have you replaced your hard drive? If so, please provide make and model number of the new hard drive.
    Have you ever cleaned or replaced your Blu-Ray drive? If so, please provide any relevant details.

    Any other information you can provide would also be helpful in trying to isolate the cause of this issue.

    Thank you!
  • Hi, I just made an account to add my info to the discussion.

    I was experiencing terrible stuttering with the disc based TWD game. It was really bad towards the end of chapter one, and was rendering the game unenjoyable, if not unplayable.

    It looks like I may have fixed this issue by removing the dynamic theme I had installed on my ps3. After I changed it back to a default theme, The end of ep 1 ran much smoother and I encountered no significant problems in ep 2 (there was some stuttering during the 1st minute, but after that, there were only very minor hiccups for the rest of the ep.)

    PS3 Info:
    60GB launch model w/ 260GB hd installed
    Dynamic theme (Journey) was installed, issue cleared up for me when dynamic theme was removed.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Thank you for the input. We will research the possibility of the theme interfering with the game.

    In the meantime, does anyone else have experiencing this issue have a dynamic theme enabled? If so, which one?
  • Hi there,

    I am also experiencing severe framerate drops and audio/video desynchronization with my disc copy of TWD on PS3. I have a freshly fragmented, serviced, wiped cache, restored, etc. file system, and a recently cleaned Blu-Ray drive that plays other games and movies without incident.

    It is an older 80GB PS3 that came with MGS4 on the game's launch (CECHExx.)
    I am not running a dynamic theme, and have recently cleared up space on the HDD (pre-defrag) so that I believe there is close to 30GB of free space on the console.

    I have tried everything I can think of to get the game to work, which is quite a bit, considering I work in QA. Please let me know what steps I can take for my wife and I to play the game again.
  • I had The Walking Dead since Christmas and have been eyeing this topic since then in desperation. Got really frustrated a few weeks back and gave up but today I followed McD's advice and disabled my dynamic theme (Flower) and the game's lag and stuttering issues dropped dramatically.

    I have missed some dialog ques early in Episode 2 due to the game stuttering every time something loads or autosaves but I highly suggest anyone having problems to try this out. I'm at the finale of Episode 2 now and I am having one heck of an experience.
  • here's a complete constructive feedback, I'm sorry i can't provide any video.

    ps3 slim 300 gb
    160 gb free!
    sytem version 4.31

    - my ps3 is one year old
    - cech 3004B
    - never replace anything.. hard drive, blue-ray drive...
    - never install PS3 themes, but downloaded some
    - played something like 70 games, also dvds films, blue-rays films.. never observed this kind of lag
    - european ps3, i'm based in France

    - I played psn version of episode 1: no problem
    - I bought the disc version, keep the save file from the psn episode 1, delete the episode 1 psn game
    - then i played episode 2 disc version. lots of lags, sounds & videos.. particularly at the beginning and the end.
    not very playable.

    I personnaly thing there's a reason to that lag. It's impossible my ps3 only had the problem with that game disc.
    I almost never uninstall anything. Disc fragmentation can't be the problem, in my opinion.
    The fact everything else I do, every other game I play works just fine seems to prove it.

    thanks for your attempt to fix it.
  • I have only played to the end of ep 3 so far.

    Removing my dynamic theme seems to have helped a lot, but not completely cleared the issue.

    I did see some stuttering flair up pretty bad towards the end of ep 3, when in the area encountering the hanging tanker by the train tracks. The stuttering cleared up when I went to the next area to check the station, and returned when I got back to the tracks.

    It went away again when the story left that area, so in this case, I'm betting that bit might not run so smooth for anybody.

    Looking forward to Eps 4 & 5!
  • Hi, I signed up specifically to get in this thing.

    I just received this game as a gift, and if I had the receipt and could return it, I would. I get all of the mad-laging issues everyone has posted on here.

    My ps3 is a little over a year old, is a 320gb system wth, literally, around 290gb's of free space. I have never downloaded a theme, never downloaded any games from the ps store, never replaced anything in the console, and have never once had a lag or loading issue with any other game, movie, netflix (the only thing I have downloaded and installed) or anything else. Just like everyone else, I was super pumped to play this game, and it's an absolute travesty that a) it's playability is utterly terrible; b) the same problems for the multiple users are getting blamed on consoles, not the game itself; and c) nothing is being done about it. C'mon. I wanna love this ame. Just give me a chance, man!
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