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Possible Season 2 Theories(and mine)*SPOILERS*

posted by Hoodie Cthulhu on - last edited - Viewed by 837 users
Alright, lets just say it, a Season 2 for The Walking Dead:The Game is probably already in the works. I want some theories. I have a big one, Lee is alive. Alright, before you storm off, let me explain.
1. We don't see Lee die.
Clementine could have missed as she jerks her gun to the right in the "Kill Lee" ending.
He may be unconscious from infection.(Might not be applicable in the"Lee keeps his arm" scenario)
Right as the screen goes black after she (shoots Lee/closes the door) we hear a raspy breath. You may say theres no way to tell, but trust me, it's Lee's.
2. Christa & Omid
That could be them in the field, but I think its more likely that they caught a glimpse of what went down in the street and they go into the garage, find Lee, and nurse him back to health.
3. Kenny
No body, no kill. especially for the "Kill Ben in the bell-tower" scenario.
(Also, if Lee is alive, what will they do about his arm.
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