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Mid-Season Finale

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I really enjoyed the episode and can't wait for February,what about you guys(and girls),what do you think?
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  • I think Merle will die. He's a bit of a mess right now. He is no longer able to work with the Governor and he wouldn't be able to work with Rick and his group for obvious reasons. All he has is Daryl and I think Daryl will do anything he can for his brother but also won't leave or betray Rick. They can't just make Merle's fate ambiguous again too. Daryl won't die yet, but he will be hard to 'control' with his brother in the picture.
  • I think Merle will have status-unknown, like he escapes from the Governer into the forest or something like that, and we won't see him again for another season or two :P
  • I think Merle might get locked up at the prison by Rick and Co.

    In the promo when Rick sees Glenn people are with Rick and Glenn says what is he doing here,I guess he is referring to Merle.
  • If they're gonna kill off Deryl I'm going to be so pissed off...
  • Oh God, I haven't watched TWD in a WHILE.

    I feel bad reading all this. Need to do a 24 hour marathon...
  • notoriousmercy;749093 said:
    If they're gonna kill off Deryl I'm going to be so pissed off...
    That's probably EXACTLY what they're going to do. :D
  • I change my vote. When talking to someone about the way Daryl is the new Tyreese and Tyreese's fate, I now say that Daryl will die in place of Comic Tyreese.
  • You can see Darryl running through the woods in the preview for the next half of the season. I think him and Merel escape while Rick has a group going to rescue him and they run into one another in the woods. That's where Glenn yells "what's HE doing here?" Because Merel just tortured Glenn.
  • Fabrimuch;744318 said:
    I didn't know mid-season breaks were common :/
    Extremely common for the States. Up until they did "non-stop seasons" the first three seasons of 24 would take a 1-3 week break at about four different points in the season. That's the main reason why so many 20+ episode per season shows in the US will start up between September and November and won't wrap up the season until May.

    Shorter TV shows and "summer series" aren't immune to this either. Burn Notice tends to start up in June or July and have about a 16 episode season. There will be a one week break in the first quarter, a TWO TO THREE MONTH break in the middle and finally another one week break at the 3/4 mark before finishing up in December or January. Excluding the first season which was only six episodes it seems like this is the format that AMC's TWD follows (I don't seem to recall any short breaks however :P)

    Honestly the only show with no breaks in recent memory that comes to mind is the US remake of Being Human. I can't speak for the first season but unless there was a one week break in the middle that I missed then they wound up doing a 12 episode season with no breaks. Of course the only problem with such a short season is the NINE MONTH WAIT BETWEEN SEASONS :-/
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