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Respond with a Telltale game quote

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Aeons ago, before the universe was born, I used to go to the HRwiki forums a lot, and there was this forum game called "Respond With A Homestar Runner Quote", which was awesome. I dunno if it's ever been done here, but all I know is that it's not being done now, so I'm gonna start one.

Basically, poster A says a quote from a franchise done by Telltale (Nothing generic, though. Quotes like "Hey, you!" or "What?!" is not allowed), and then poster B responds with a quote that's not related to that previous quote, but sounds relevant in any way, which poster C will respond to in the same nature, and so on...

Though, it doesn't HAVE to be from a Telltale game. You can quote from the previous MI games, Homestar cartoons, Wallace and Gromit cartoons, etc. as long as the franchise is something Telltale has done, including BTTF, Bone, and Jurassic Park. Maybe not CSI, though, because it'd be too broad.

I'll start:

Sam, I have to pee.
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