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GOG Sierra Bundles

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Quest for Glory has finally been released on GOG, all V episodes and both versions of the first QFG.

This finally explains who maintains the ownership for the series. Activision.

Highly recommended for fans of KQ series is Quest for Glory series. It was an RPG/Adventure hybrid series (last game is pure Action-RPG stripped of most adventure aspects). It had a few nods to the KQ series as easter eggs, and like KQ the game took ideas from both fairy tales and myths from around around the world
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  • Yeah, Gold Rush is another contender. PQ1 has a tighter narrative though, in my opinion. Gold Rush plays a bit more like "prospecting simulator" and isn't so narrative driven. That doesn't really contribute to its difficulty, though, but is one reason why I prefer PQ1.

    Also, Gold Rush receives an immediate grade deduction because of the inclusion of its completely random and unpreventable "get-sick-and-die" deaths.
  • Not exactly. In V1.000.111 they had completely alternate backgrounds for night and day. In the later version (I don't recall the exact number), they take advantage of the alternate background colour palettes that the SCI engine can cycle through (there are 4). So they switch to the night-time palette and then draw a unique night sky background made for each screen on top of the original background.

    Interesting idea, actually. Despite how convoluted that sounds, it actually does save space because the backgrounds are created and saved as vector drawing "states" and not pixel-by-pixel like a regular bitmap. So instead of having large night-time alternates, they have smaller versions with the night sky only (half the size of the original background or less usually). I'm not sure how much more heap space that takes up during runtime, though. Must not be much, it runs fine.
  • KQ3 is easy?

    Is ScummVM for Sierra games not good?
  • It's ok. Not the best for the authentic experience sometimes.
  • For AGI games, I liked NAGI.

  • KQ3 is easy?
    The required manual for KQ3 is practically a shopping list of every item needed in the game. Each of these items are pretty much lieing around to pick up with little trouble, other than you are on a 'timer' between wizard's visits. Each spell makes up perhaps over 90% of the games "puzzles". You are told what each spell does, and the conditions of how and where those spells will work.

    Beyond that several of the puzzles solved with spells are "optional".
  • MusicallyInspired;766810 said:
    It's ok. Not the best for the authentic experience sometimes.
    People say the same thing about the SCUMM games, themselves, for which ScummVM was originally made.

    So, besides the save and load screens, what difference does it make to the gameplay?

    EDIT: ScummVM has a checkbox now that enables you to "Use original Save/Load screens".

    So again, I ask: what difference does it make?
  • My gripe was not with the save/load screens at all. The difference is that because the engine is reverse engineered it doesn't always play the same way as the original DOS interpreter. All SCI1.1 games, for instance, have super fast animations sometimes because they're based on CPU cycles instead of real seconds. This can be compensated for in DOSBox by lowering CPU cycles, but is not yet fixed in ScummVM. It's just too jarring for me and feels like I'm playing them on a Pentium or faster computer, which pulls me right back to trying to get them to work properly on my older systems (which were too fast). It's not the authentic experience it should be. This is not a problem with SCI1.0 games, however, as those animations run great.

    But some things (probably too nerdy for the average Joe) simply do not work in ScummVM. Like the dithered 640x400 EGA driver for SCI1.1 games, Tandy 3-voice support, PC Speaker support, and, my biggest gripe, the fact that you MUST play the game with digital sound effects with no option to switch to the Adlib/MIDI sound effects at will. Even though the option is there for some games, it does not work. Put simply, ScummVM's support of SCI games is not perfect and, as it happens, not yet up to my personal specifications.

    What I do like about ScummVM is that you can play the Windows version of KQ6 with all the high-res artwork, but also with the DOS coloured cursors instead of the smaller Win 3.1 black and white cursors. That kind of versatility appeals to me about ScummVM as a whole, but it's got to iron out a few things first before I'll defer to it exclusively.

    AGI is ok, but I'm just not a fan of the Sarien engine at all. Just in its aesthetic and approach (which was to simulate the Amiga interface). So it's not entirely authentic either. I do think it has better Tandy emulation than ScummVM, though. What I don't like about NAGI is that you cannot fix the aspect ratio for rectangular pixels, whereas in both ScummVM and DOSBox you can.
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    At least PQ1 and Goldrush didn't have a bloody Eagle's feather that you required, and it was totally random when that bloody eagle decided to fly by. I waited over an hour.... 3 separate trips down that mountain...

    I hate you eagles feather. almost as much as I hate the golden bridle.
  • Oh yeah. Fuck that fucking gold bridle. Seriously.

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