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If there was a zombie apocalypse...

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What would be your first instinct?
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  • I would get everyone together and start forming a survival group. Everyone of them know practical skills to help in a zombie apocalypse. I would probably become even more violent than now in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Before encountering a zombie for the first time, It would be more likely that we saw the news report first. I'm kind of paranoid, so, just in case, i keep a Swiss Army knife in my room, and two sharp meat knives in the kitchen. If a zombie somehow appears out of the nowhere (Sandra), I could grab one of them and kill it. Besides, there's a lot of vases and plates i could smash in its head. I'd probably die if it grabs me, though.

    I live with my grandparents, mother, and housekeeper, and one of my cousins lives with his parents not too far away from our house (a a couple of distant great aunts & uncles live in the same city as well). There was an earthquake here three years ago, and we all ended up meeting at our place, I'm guessing the same would happen in a zombie apocalypse, or any other kind of zombie apocalypse.

    There are four supermarkets about ten blocks away from my home, and with the supplies we got in our larder, food wouldn't be a problem for the first week/s (My grandmother always keeps an emergency-larder with nonperishable like egumes and pastas, and some canned goods). Since we are faster, me and my cousin would go raid them, only if other people already started raiding, though. There's an awful lot of tiny stores that we could raid once there's nothing left in the supermarkets. Most of my neighbors are eldery, and have relatives in other cities, I'm pretty sure half of my neighbors wouldn't survive, or travel to somewhere else. My next door neighbors are frightened by everything, they won't make it past the first days without help.

    All of the first floor windows are protected with iron fences stuck to the wall, and there's a steady concrete fence surrounding our garden, depot and backyard. Blocking the fence gate might be a problem, since it isn't as steady as the rest of the fence; you can practically kick the fence open. There's also the fact that there's a hill right behind our house, it could get zombie-infested pretty fast, they still wouldn't be able to get in, though. In case our house gets surrounded by walkers, we could just go to other houses jumping fences without the walkers noticing.

    Seriously now, I'd die in the first days of the outbreak.
  • Well..My best friend,and also only friend who I can trust and who isn't a duckfacing freak,lives in another country. And my family (including me) would probably die within first 10 minutes of outbreak,but If I somehow survived,I'll just sit in my room and play GTA until power goes off..And then,I should hide under my blanket with my cats and bunny and hope it wont last long,or I'll probably end up like Fivel :)
  • cnaf;761695 said:
    I live a few blocks from a national guard armory. I usually laugh when I drive by, thinking this is the first place I'm going. Lots of humvees and fitted jeeps sitting behind a fence, and I'd like to think its not the hardest place to break into- but my luck it would be. I have a go pack, survival pack complete with machette and axe, and a few weapons. I would grab these, stock my truck with water, check out the armory, and then head west for the mountains.
    Very bad idea during a potential or actual crisis, unless you actually belong there.

    I was part of the guard detail for our reserve center during the whole silly Y2K scare; we had a couple of MG's covering each entrance (including the motorpool) as well as quite a few guys with rifles out there. The guard armory next door did much the same. If somebody ignored the warnings and got too close to the building, our orders were to shoot them dead.

    That New Year's Eve sucked.
  • Find Family and friends < I suppose.

    Go out and search for supplies. < Not one of the first things I'd do.

    Lock all the doors and board up the windows. < I would, but somewhere where's more protection.

    Grab your rifle and go up onto the roof. < Don't have one.

    Get in your car and drive to the nearest military base. < Pretty far away.

    Overall, I'd get the one(s) that I most treasure to a safe place and keep them safe, in my best and theirs interest too.
  • Phil_TWD;764010 said:

    Grab your rifle and go up onto the roof. < Don't have one.>

    I know it's pretty normal for Americans to have a gun in the house, even after the latest schoolshooting, but I think for most 'rich Western' countries it's usually the 'weird' people who own a gun or even have one in the house.
    The thought of owning a rifle is just crazy to me.
  • Lol I live in an apartment, the seventh floor and the entire building is filled with ex Military Soldiers and 3 State Generals lol. We would lock the building well and barricade the windows.
  • I live in a country where majority of houses have walls, barbed wire, electric fencing and that's on one property. Most houses have barred windows on all windows and many residents prefer to have security gates on their doors as well as solid wooden doors. How much worse could a zombie apoc get? :D

    Seriously though if by some miracle I survived my first encounter i'm heading home to leave a message painted on the wall in the code I have discussed with my brother, and then I'm getting to wherever the hell people are not to let the first wave of looting, rioting and murdering end. I'm more terrified of what normal people are capable of than being eaten by a zombie.
  • It could go 1 of 2 ways.

    1. Scream, FanGirling, Kidnap little girl and change her name to clementine.

    2. Scream, FanGirling, Freaks the **** out when actually sees Zombies, Dies.
  • I would throw doubt on the news story of the zombie outbreak, assuming it's a practical joke of some sorts, and freeze in terror upon laying eyes on a zombie for the first time, thus getting devoured on the first day.
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